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DVLA and insurance

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My husband has been diagnosed with NSCLC lung cancer with a malignant effusion and has started immunotherapy. The car insurance is now due to be renewed. My questions are : does he have to tell the insurance company about his diagnosis, does he need to tell the DVLA, will the DVLA say he can't drive? Any help would be appreciated.


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It's against the law not to declare cancer to the DVLA as it may affect his driving. See Cancer and driving - GOV.UK.

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Tizz in reply to Dexter68

Thank you Dexter68,

Since May 2016, I have had three operations & Radiotheropy for cancer, not one person has mentioned that I should have informed DVLA... Obviously after the ops I did not drive for the advised length of time.

I have never had just one key nurse either!

I shall inform DVLA today. Is it the same with car insurance, as I am here now, I will check out the Cancer & Driving site you mentioned.

Thank you

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Dexter68 in reply to Tizz

I think a lot of the time you feel you may get the raw end of the stick so to say, that is why people don't declare. It's the same with travel insurance also, and this time I couldn't get insurance for my mum so we had to cancel our holiday. J don't know if the same applies to your husband, but as mum has NSCLC and is on Iressa, we have also managed to get a Blue Badge and Attendance Allowance.

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Goingcuckoo in reply to Tizz

Tizz, no one mentioned it to us either. Nor is it mentioned in the numerous booklets and pamphlets we have been given.

I have mentioned it to my car insurance people and the policy price didn’t change at all. They said that I was ok to drive as long as my doctors said that I was. I have had stage 4 lung cancer for 5 years. Initially I lost vision in my right eye and was advised not to drive for 6 months by my Consultant whilst I adjusted to the sight loss. I notified the DVLA at this time and they said to follow my Consultants advice which I did. Then in January this year I was diagnosed with two brain tumours which were treated and I feel ok. My car insurance people again say to follow my doctors advice. One of my Consultants adviced me not to drive and to revoke my licence. I have sent my licence to the DVLA and now need their permission to drive again. Hope this helps x

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Tizz in reply to Bow-19

Thank you Bow-19, all info really helpful.

My best wishes to you, paws crossed for us all c


As far as I’m aware after to talking to my oncologist after my diagnosis was told that No, you do not need to notify DVLA for lung cancer unless you have Brian mets as these could cause seizures or problems with eyesight which could effect your driving

Was advised to carry a print out of my medication for any opiates / Morphine you take as if you get stopped by police and ask you to take a breathalyser test it can show that you have opiates in your system

I have a log in to my surgery on my phone where it shows what medication I’m on which I find useful if needed

As for insurance companies I should imagine they all differ, I did tell mine and all they asked if taking my morphine products effected my driving which I replied No


This is copied from the dvla websire

Car or motorcycle licence

You don’t need to tell DVLA if you have cancer, unless:

you develop problems with your brain or nervous system

your doctor says you might not be fit to drive

you’re restricted to certain types of vehicles or vehicles that have been adapted for you

your medication causes side effects which could affect your driving

Ask your doctor if you’re not sure if your cancer will affect your driving.

You must tell DVLA if your condition will affect your driving. Fill in form G1 and send it to DVLA. The address on the form.

Dear Goingcuckoo

Cancer research UK provide some good information on this:


Also Macmillan support:


Macmillan have a benefits team on 0808 808 00 00

Apologies, computer acting up there and the reply went before I had time to finish the response.

If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on

0800 358 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

The only time I was told about insurance was after open lung surgery to remove half my lung for lung cancer and this was the same as with any surgery that if you're unable to do an emergency stop, your insurance is invalid. I understand that the only cancer that has to be declared is brain tumour or other brain/neurological conditions (e.g. epilepsy) and eye disorders. Travel insurance cover can be obtained (at a premium) and there are several travel insurance companies who will cover this.

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