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Hi, not posted since my lung surgery 4 weeks ago but keep reading posts daily, I had a wedge op for 2 tumors in my right lung, all going well, then today I went for my follow up appointment and the surgeon said I needed to have the whole lobe out as cancerous cells were found and he thought it would be better to have the lobe out, I also have a tumor in my left lung which he said they may zap with cemo, or possibly take that out another day, I am scheduled for surgery in the next 4 weeks, all this has hit me hard as I am just getting over the surgery I had 4 weeks ago,has any one had two surgery's so close together,,how were you? did you cope ok? I know a lot of you are coping with a lot more but I wasn't prepared for this today I knew it was cancer but I really thought having the wedge surgery to take it out would have been it, sorry to waffle on.

Margaret x

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Hopefully someone who has repeated surgery will reply. It is hard when you have had to adjust to one bit of information, the impact of treatment and set your sights on recovery. Then the goal posts change.

One thing that is in your favour is your strength and you clearly have the doctor's on side looking at the best treatment options for you.

Do write down your questions and concerns so you can talk them through properly with your medical team.

Hopefully more suggestions will follow from other members,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & support team


Thank you Lorraine,

Maybe I am more worried about having the surgery because when you've been there once you know what to expect, I was just feeling better and ready to get on with life and like you say the goal posts have suddenly changed and it just seems so soon to go through it all again, ah well it must be for the best.




Hi Margaret so sorry to hear youre facing more surgery, it must be a shock when you are recovering so well, ive only been through it once but im sure someone on here will have experienced it that you can chat with, try to stay strong and hopefully you will cope with the next round of surgery. Thinking of you and let us know when you are going into hospital. Take care Julie xxxx


Hi Julie,

Nice to here from you again, how are you? yes more surgery, could do with out this at my age (75) still my family keep telling me Im a positive person, my eldest son even said I was a tough old bird (nice) but they have all been great helping out, as my husband isn't a well person and he is not taking this latest news to well. I will keep in touch.

Take care

Margaret xx


Im not too bad thanks for asking, still have nerve pain and discomfort but we just have to get on with it ! You do seem like a positive person and we all stay strong for our family but we should also be kind to ourselves, its all such a huge rollercoaster and you now have to go on it again ! really feel for you Margaret, what type of cancer were you diagnosed with ?


Originally I was told that looking at the scans ect it was Broncoalveolar Carcinoma and have not been told anything different, I did ask today and the surgeon just said it was contained in the lungs and no lymph nodes or anything else involved so I am assuming that's what it is, so I am lucky really so I will stay positive, thanks for replying and your concern, take are Julie

Margaret xx


Hi Margaret,

Sorry to hear you need more surgery. Just when your feeling better and moving on.When you have lung cancer, its always lurking In the back of your mind.

I had a 11mm. squamous cell carcinoma removed March,2013. (By wedge). I cant even try to understand how your feeling.I will tell you whose been a big inspiration to me. Her name is Edie Sundby. She has survived aganst all odds with lung cancer.She was in the aarp magazine in usa. You can google her. I highly recommend reading her story.

take care,



Hi Ruby,

Thanks for the link I read some last night and will go back to read more today, what a remarkable person , I can understand her being a big inspiration to anyone who reads her story, one quote she said which will stick in my mind is, quote: I thank god everyday for this life and I want there to be more though that's not known, what is known is that I am alive today this minute and that's pretty much what we all have- this day this moment unquote:

thanks again and take care

Margaret xx


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