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license suspended


had upper left lung lobe nsclc 8 weeks ago surgeon said he fixed it discharged me will have ct scan soon routine.dvla have suspended my pcv license for a year even though im on no drugs and dont need further treatment is this correct for them to do that cant work without it.

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Hi I don't know I'm in U.S. We have Medicaid this was back when I first became disabled 1998. I'm now on social security plus I get Medicare part d Prescription plan.I still get Medicaid.Medicare I don't have to pay anything because I'm poor. I pay very little for meds I June I don't pay anything for meds. What's happening to you and this is my opinion. They shouldn't be allowed to do that.. Maybe if you talk to someone about this and they may tell you what you can do. I wish you I could help. Don't give up keep fighting get what you are entitled too. Love susiejo1948

i still get sick pay from work so its more that i want to work .just before this cancer rubbish started i was widowed after 42 years.i miss the routine and seeing people .i dont to sit at home thinking about cancer thankds for your reply.


Dear dogsbody321

Welcome to the forum and good to hear your surgery has been successful.

DVLA will suspend licence for bus and lorry driving up to 1 year dependant on staging of tumour. The link below will take you to the national guidelines for this, you will find the information on page 106 or alternatively in the search box enter lung cancer and it will take you directly to the page:


Hope this helps and if you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our Freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200.

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

As long as your cancer has not spread to the brain, I don’t think you need to inform them.

I would get my local MP involved, this should sorts them out.

I had an isolated seizure last year, which going by there guidelines I should have lost my license for 6 months, 10 months later I got my MP involved and within 14 days I had it back.

My HGV is gone for 5 years.

thanks my employer was surprised but they looked it up and said somelung cancers it applies but im not on chemo or radiotherapy no drugs not even painkillers.did wonder if some civil servant made the decisio or a doc who knows his stuff.had to laugh for a heart transplant its only revoked for 3 months.

I had my full right lung removed 5 years ago with no chemo or radiotherapy and didn’t have to notify them. I was even allowed to drive HGVs if I wanted to.

Someone has obviously told them.

Get your MP on your case, as soon as they see the parliamentary coat of arms they sh t themselves.

iv to have ct scan shortly routine follow up after op .if its clear im going to get a proper report from consultant on my diagnosis and prognosis ive nothing on paper other than the paperwork for op.

Good luck in getting your licence back. In the meantime perhaps look into some voluntary work locally? It's very rewarding and gets you out of the house. Also very good for you to start something new - after my cancer diagnosis I thought 'that's it, game over' but that's very far from the case.

I had right upper lobectomy over two years ago followed by adjuvant chemo - still here and living a normal life.

Sorry to hear of your situation but good news that you had surgery. I had my upper left lobe removed in Dec 2010 and diagnosis of lung cancer in Jan 2011. I was told that surgery affected car insurance as emergency stops not possible for several weeks (as with any surgery). I understood that if you have brain mets from lung cancer (or any other cancer) you have to notify DVLA and they revoke your licence in the same way as with epilepsy. I'm guessing that your licence as it involves carrying passengers may be different. Worth discussing with the DVLA. Some Macmillan advisers are able to help on such issues so maybe worth calling them for advice. good luck.

funnily enough they said i was ok to drive my car iv no brain or any mets i was very lucky they found it while looking at something else so very early stage .lymth nodes were taken and found to be clear when iv had ct scan if all ok im going to look more into it thanks for your reply.

hi dogsbody321

had my hgv licence taken off me until I'm declared cancer free and then another year as I won't be up to the very high fitness standards required to drive a lorry, have they ever seen the average lorry driver. you have 6 months to appeal it, you have to let the DVLA know you will be appealing their decision, then go to a magistrates court, I don't know the procedure, but if you haven't had any drugs or chemo you have a good chance to get it back sooner, good luck with it 😊👍

yes its devastating if someone has a young family and bills to pay i havent but they would be treated just the same.

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