Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune

I went for my annual check up, mainly to check my pulmonary lung disease and see that my lung function was not deteriorating rapidly and after all the usual spirometry and other tests my consultant said that things were looking good. Now ever since my diagnosis and successful surgery and adjuvant chemo I have never suffered from scanxiety especially as one consultant told me last year that I was cured, although I did say that I preferred to wait for my 5 year NED date before really thinking that was a reality.

Any way after my consultant told me about lung function tests he pulled up the chest x-ray that I had just been taken 30 mins prior and as we looked at it we both noticed almost immediately the 2 shadows on the right lung and my heart sank. He did say that it could be an infection or fluid on the lung and it quite possibly is something like this although I have presented no symptoms to suggest this. So we agreed that I go for a CT scan with contrast next Monday and then CT guided lung biopsy to see if we fully understand what the shadows are. He did go on to say that I was fit enough with good enough lung function to go through further surgery if required but I really don't want to think about that just now.

So I feel like I did over 3 years ago when I was awaiting my CT scan to see what was showing up on my x-ray and the Wheel of Fortune came up with Stage 2b LC.

Here's hoping it's a different outcome this time.

I was actually going to come on to this site anyway this weekend as I just want everyone to have a Merry Xmas and enjoy themselves if at all possible.

Festive Cheers


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  • Sorry to hear you've had a scare on what you thought would just be a routine check-up. It's especially hard when it's so close to Christmas. Hope things turn out ok in the New Year.

    Kind regards,


  • Hope all goes well for you...

  • Hi Rabbie,

    I am sorry you have this to worry about,I hope you get the N.E.D. soon.Best wishes for Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to you.

  • Good luck today.Hopefully it will be nothing at all.Best wishes.Julie x

  • Wishing you all the best. Hope your results are negative x

  • Rabbie

    What a hard time for you. Hope this weekend has not been too torturous. Wishing you the best today and we are rooting for you,



  • Best of luck today Rabbie! Here's hoping for good news for you. Positive vibes and best wishes for 2015 coming your way x

  • All the best. Fingers-crossed for you and sending positive vibes and energy to deal with whatever lies ahead. Kx

  • Wishing good news for you rab, take care x

  • Hi Rab, I think we are all sending positive vibes to you. I do hope it proves to be an infection and nothing else. I wish you all the best for Monday. Please keep us all informed. You are a true inspiration to us all. :)

  • Good luck, fingers crossed for you, hope all goes well...

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