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Anybody had any of these tests


Hello having to have a load of tests next week MRI Head scan with contrast .Lung function ,Pet ct scan and Eblus camera and another covid swab . Dr did say looked like an infection that has caused collapsed lobe on left lung why do many tests x

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Hello Mary

I have had pet scans and lung function tests a couple of times. Pet scan is like a CT scan except you have a radioactive dye put in your arm an hour before the scan which is quick and painless. You have to lie down for an hour to allow the dye to go around your body. The scan takes about 20 mins or so and it's looking for cancer and any abnormal cells. The scan is painless.

The lung function tests are basically blowing in different ways into a tube that's connected to a computer. It is painless but takes about half an hour. Nothing to worry about.

I have always found the anxiety before the tests is the worst part. I hope all goes well for you.

Best wishes Maureen x

Marymaryd in reply to Mauranne

Thank you for replying if everything had of been ok all this would of taken place last week & id being waiting for results, it’s always a waiting game. X

Hi well I would totally agree with Mauranne re tests. I've only every had MRI and PET scan. Neither hurt it looks like your having a full MOT. All the tests are painless but no doubt you will feel really anxious before each test its quite normal . Good luck with all the tests and 🤞 for results xx

Marymaryd in reply to Ollie13

The consultant had said after a ct scan thought it was infection but lung has collapsed slightly so the extra tests are to make sure there’s nothing hiding it’s just thinking about it now & getting past the covid test again on Tuesday . Hope your well x

Ollie13 in reply to Marymaryd

Lets hope all the tests come back negative. 🤞 for your covid test it's a nightmare having a positive test when you have no symptoms 😞. I'm as well as can be finding Radiotherapy hard going so painful to swallow but now prescribed medication to help the pain. Stay safe and good luck for the tests xx

Marymaryd in reply to Ollie13

Thanks you xx

Schoolta in reply to Ollie13

Hello due for my Ebus tomorrow morning. Pet scan wasn’t too bad x

Ollie13 in reply to Schoolta

Good luck with the Ebus test though not sure what it is. Didn't think you would have any problems with the PET scan it's just waiting for all the results that I found hard. Good luck xx

As others have said, there a 'bundle' of tests they do when things don't look quite right - just as much to eliminate more serious causes as to identify what the problem is to allow appropriate treatment. I've had PET/CT and lung function tests many times - I've had bronchoscopies several times which is often done for similar reasons as the electrobronchial ultrasound (EBUS) test to see inside the lungs/airways. Many people have had lung problems from pneumonia, covid or other conditions so determining what exactly the damage is can result in bespoke treatment. Those of us with longstanding lung issues (I had half my left lung removed in Dec 2010 and diagnosed with lung cancer in Jan 2011 and hospitalised several times since 2015 with different chest infections) have to get used to the waiting game - as it's been part of my 'treatment' ever since - as considered 'active surveillance'/vigilance. hope you can find a way to distract yourself as one thing I've had to learn over the years is patience - having the scan/test is just the start - waiting for the results, them being coordinated by the GP or consultant so they can explain them to you and organise the next step is another... good luck. You'll see from this link there are a plethora of various tests just as much to determine what it isn't as what it is....

Marymaryd in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you for replying I’ve an appointment to see consultant on the 21 st. April she is interested in the pet scan & Ebus the MRI on head she said was protocol so maybe it is an mot I should feel lucky as everything is being thrown at me for my benefit. Thank you hope you are feeling well xx

JanetteR57 in reply to Marymaryd

Yes, thanks - it's a good way to look at it - checking over things in detail - I was back at work and swimming 3 months after my surgery and worked, swum, travelled ever since. hope they find out the issue soon and you can get some treatment. good luck.

Marymaryd in reply to JanetteR57

Thank you x

Just wanted to wish you good luck for the test 🤞🤞 hope all goes well

Thank you will be🤞And a lot of prayers x

How did you get on with your tesis

Schoolta in reply to Chester1967

Hello my breathing tests got cancelled while I was there answering questions. COVID swab came bk positive again but the Dr has argued I need the Ebus doing so that is planned for tomorrow morning really scared it might hurt. So fingers crossed x Thank you for asking x

Chester1967 in reply to Schoolta

Your very welcome and 🤞🤞

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