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Wheel of Fortune Update

Wheel of Fortune Update

Rights fellow gamblers I have spun the Wheel of Chemo 4 times and ended up on..... Stable!,,!! Okay it's not the jackpot and it's not the booby prize so we say that we're ahead at the moment. We looked at the scan yesterday and agreed that there was minimal increase in any of the involved areas and I think that the main tumour on the lung was not as clearly defined and showed signs of fraying round the edges, also again there was no sign of the original secondary metastic tumour on the liver which is real good sign.

So what's next, well after discussion with the team we are moving onto Radiotherapy Roullete. I'm not sure how many goes I will get on this game but I'll keep you posted.

For just now we have decided to leave the Cancer Casino and have a break, we are of to Liverpool for a few days then of to Spain in early June to spend quality time with the grandkids.

I may even sneak in a couple of rounds of golf folks but please don't tell the boss.

I'll update all on my return.

May you all stay well and happy.

Scottish hugs Rab.x

A lesson in how to hold your tongue when times are hard.

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Hope you have a brilliant break to Liverpool and Spain. I think after what you have been through you need a well deserved break (or two). Hope you get a few rounds of golf in.

Scottish hugs back from Renfrew.

Elaine xx


Have a fab time Rabbie, safe journeyx


Hi Rab,

As you say it could have been better and it could have been worse.I love your attitude,you will always have plenty of chips to take into the cancer casino.Enjoy your break.



Have a lovely time Rabbi strengthen your defences in time for the next round of roulette.A break with those you love will make you stronger .Laughter and love are the things that get us through so go Rabbi go .


Thanks for the update. Enjoy your holidays x


Love the pic and good news Rabbie,

enjoy your holiday and good luck at the Stars Award in Liverpool,

best wishes


& all the team at Roy Castle


Rab...you are a shining star...have a great break xx


I take my (golf) hat off to you.

Have a good time in Liverpool / Spain.


Have a great break, you certainly deserve it. Keep us posted. :) xx


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