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Compression socks vs. eczema

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Hi. I’m new here. I have eczema and can’t wear compression socks anymore. My legs are swollen, 25+ inches. Is there a way to get good, daily leg compression without breaking out with eczema? Thank you

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You could try Velcro wraps. They come with liners, which you could apply over moisturised skin. Some people get relief from eczema by using Epaderm cream as a wash, patting dry, then a thin layer of Epaderm lotion - before donning the liners. Do you have lymphoedema? Your clinic should be able to advise.

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Z26Y25 in reply to Lynora

Yes I have lymphodema. I was diagnosed in 2014. I will check out the Epaderm.

My advice similar to Lynora's. I have eczema and lymphoedema in my left arm so wear my armsleeve daily. I use Q.V. wash and Doublebase Gel as emollient, but it's just a case of working out which combo works best for you as treating eczema is all about individual preference. In practical terms, I shower first thing, then apply emollient and give it about 30 minutes to soak in while I have breakfast, clean teeth and straighten hair, before donning the armsleeve. Hope this helps, having both conditions is a bit of a double whammy!

Hello As someone with Excema and Lymphoedema, you need your Excema treating first. Severe Excema may need Viscopaste wet wrapping after treatment with bathing in hydromol or dermol antimicrobial treatments. And if the excema is so severe you may need a specialist to have a look at it to see if it is infected or not. Compression needs to be left off to allow the excema to recover completely, otherwise the tightness and excess heat compression creates will agitate the excema further. It is also not advisable to use compression when you need to use emollients and skin moisturisers on a regular basis.

You should be aware that sometimes excema can lead to cellucitus and you can get some skin discolouration with either problem that lasts for some time or may become permanent. If you are unsure why not book an appointment to see your GP and ask to see a specialist.

Thank you for all the advice. There are names of ointments that I never heard before. I will be checking them all. I have my physical scheduled for next month and will talk to my primary care physician then. In October I will be seeing my orthopedic surgeon and will talk with him too.

Thank you again. Stay safe!

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Lynora in reply to Z26Y25

I just read that you are in the US - most of the products mentioned are available, just with different names! Juzo provide Velcro Wraps.

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Hrush in reply to Lynora

Hi, yes I also buy all products (compression socks) that are US produced, they are the best.. please, take care of yourself,... I have Lymphoedema and many years ago I was informed by doctors not to lift more than 2 kg,,,, for many years I was not taking good care of me till recently, my Lymphoedema got worse!!!!! I have suspect that I experienced Covid-19, which worsened my situation,,, I know how it is and I just pray God heals everyone with this issue.

Much love,

I found that using Sudocream ‘protect and care’ stopped the eczema and the itching!!

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