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Compression socks and foot drop

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I've recently received made to measure open toed, knee length compression socks. These are the nth pair I've had over the last six or so years.

A year ago I slipped going downstairs and from the 8th tread went down on my bottom, with my right leg bent backwards. The results were a hairline fracture of my fibula and my Peroneal nerve not performing one of its 3 functions, the ability to raise the front of your foot off the ground or floor. As a result I wear on that leg and foot a splint (or brace or orthotic).

Today I've had aching feet, probably from the pavements in the Pennine village I live in, rather than from the socks, which I've taken off early.

Do others who wear orthotics find the socks more uncomfortable. I'm male, from the UK, aged 76, and also have asthma and permanent though asymptomatic atrial fibrillation. I walk with a stick outside for balance and confidence. In the house I don't use a stick. I'm 6'7" tall. (Single but definitely not looking for a partner).

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I am sorry to hear of your difficulty. I have just been prescribed custom made below knee stockings and am overwhelmed by their comfort. However I believe there could be a problem with my orthotic, which is an insole. I am having difficulty finding shoes to fit me. Keep positive!

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Thomas45 in reply to TeresaMay

I wear shoes from it's worth looking at their catalogue.

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TeresaMay in reply to Thomas45

I realise I must now go to men's shoes. I will look locally first.

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Thomas45 in reply to TeresaMay

Cosyfeet do more women's than men's shoes. They are roomy. I think my problem is that I'm not fit enough. For 50 weeks I was looked after my sisters in Lincolnshire and didn't get enough exercise and my body isn't used to exercise.

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Perido in reply to TeresaMay

You may find you have a shop fairly close to you that stocks DB wider fit shoes ( widths for women fo from EE to 8E); they have a great range of styles and colours:

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TeresaMay in reply to Perido

I have been wearing DB shoes in 8E for years. Bought by mail order but I do seem to remember there is a shop within a days journey. I will try.

I don't how difficult this might be but to get into water and move, ideally swim is the best for me. I have had lymphedema for three yrs now. I swim very slowly one stroke per breath, breast stroke, frog kick. the water itself is a compression on limbs and trunk, you move all muscles, that is a plus as the lymph is through out the body system and only moves when we do... hope this helps on the fitness side of the equation..

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Thomas45 in reply to violetta15

I can't swim and have no confidence in water, but your suggestion may help others.

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violetta15 in reply to Thomas45

oh that is too bad.. would love to hear what you choose to do movement wise as others like you would also be helped.. yeah pools or shore or lakes aren't the easiest things to come by...I feel very fortunate I can get into the water... Cheers

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