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Recovery socks V Compression stockings

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In addition to Lymphedema I also suffer from RLS (Restless leg syndrome). My legs and feet are usually very hot and uncomfortable (to say the least). I'm toying with the idea of trying 'Recovery socks' as I'm told that they may help to keep my legs cooler. Has anyone else out there any experience with using these socks as opposed to the more traditional compression stockings?

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Recommend you talk to your lymphoedema therapist. By 'recovery' socks do you mean those issued to people post operatively? If so, and you have lymphoedema, recovery socks are not recommended - the compression is very different as it has a different job to do.

There are so many different varieties of material used for compression stockings, it is worth getting your therapist to do some research.

Some people find that regular gentle exercise and changing their diet helps with RLS - have a word with a Nutritionist to find out more.

Thanks for your reply Lynora,

I've only fairly recently been diagnosed with lymphoedema, I do not have a 'therapist' at this moment. The recovery socks I was referring to are those recommended for athletes.

Wow bigleg - Thanks for all the info and your research. Plenty of food (pardon the pun) for thought in your reply.

I would say stay away from them. Your Stockings get made for you and are graded the full way up your legs to the top of your thigh area. Hospital bed stockings are a no go for us guys. My consultant pops me into flowtron Boots when i am in bed at the hospital.

I know in my own case if i were to wear knee length stockings that are just tight to help with exercise, i would be in agony withing 10 mins of putting them on. I can't stand the pressure. That's why our own ones get individually made to measure (each leg measured individually), to prevent the pain that non measured ones can cause us.

I hope you get a consultant who's specialty is Lymph very soon, as it does make the world of difference when you do. Your no longer the fat person but the Patient with Lymph, you then become a person again, someone who gets respect and who really does become an important person to the consultant..

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Hi Johnnycomelately - absolutely agree with lynora - it is never a good idea to try 'do it yourself' compression without the advice and support of a trained lymphoedema specialist as it is really important to check the blood supply to the limb and other things before a level of compression is decided on. Are you based in the UK - if so give the office a ring on 0207 351 4480 and they can direct you to your nearest clinic.

Thanks - I'll give them a ring.

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