Any luck with compression leggings?

Has anyone had any luck finding compression leggings for lymphadema/ swollen calves ankles? There are quite a few snazzy compression leggings for sport/runners and I wondered if they would help lymphadema at all?

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  • Hi Hashi-too, pebble uk sell them but only calf length Just googled it but don't think they will do you more harm than good if it's your calfs and ankles.

  • Thank you Bev. I took a look and they do have full length so might give them a go.

  • There are a few on the market, but if you have Lymphoedema in the ankles, leggings may not be appropriate - you will need to check the measurements. - Solidea Silver Wave

    Bioflect products via Amazon - various options (used by athletes)

  • Surely you just have to go to your doctor and get a prescription for compression stockings.

    'Altiform' are a start and they make them to measure. Download their form and measure yourself when you get out of bed in the morning.

    Apparently they are not the ultimate though.

  • Compression stockings shouldn't be a problem for prescription, but leggings are not generally available on prescription.

  • Thx Roy. I have a prescription for compression tights but if I could manage with something that don't cover my feet at least it would be slightly cooler in summer.

  • Hi Hashi-too, why don't you get open toe compressions next time if you don't want ya toes covered that's wat I get as I only wear flip flops.

  • Oh I didn't realise they had those! But do they rub Bev?

  • Hi Hashi-too, no there is no rubbing at all I can't stand anything covering my toes x

  • The Jobst brand has open toes, you can get them on prescription of go on their site, let think you can purchase them yourself.

  • Thanks Lymora will take a look. I was thinking if they have enough compression the swelling wouldn't reach my ankles?

  • I bought compression leggings from j.d.williams. I found them under shape wear. They are a bit of a bind to get on if like me you also have osteo arthritis but once on are really comfy and supportive. They can also be worn under stockings or wraps.

  • I was referred to a brilliant private specialist ( who sadly had to retire) she recommended JOBS compression garments, she and they have helped immensely. Unfortunately since she has retired my leg has got worse, mainly due to my doctors and the Jobst rep not able to measure my leg properly. I am now desperate to find someone to give me the same high standard of treatment.

  • i can report that leggings do not work for me! They work on the bit of leg they cover but definitely don't help my foot which still swells. If I wear the leggings lower down covering half of my foot that still doesnt work! What a shame : (

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