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Cellulitis Concern 36M

Hey everyone,

I had my first encounter with Cellulitis last Thursday. I had a little pimple on my finger on Wednesday that turned into a blister. When i woke up Thursday morning my finger was in pain. Decided to go to the pharmacy to get some ointment but noticed that my hand was getting more and more read. By the time they opened i had a line from my hand to mid arm. Decided to go to the hospital instead had to wait like 4 hours and then line expanded from mid arm to the bicep. They burst the blister, gave me some antibiotics on IV for like 15 minutes and then gave me Cefadroxil 500mg pills to take 2x a day for 7 days. I am very paranoid when it comes to health and i notice my hand is less red for sure but still i see a fade of red and a tiny fade of the line still no where near mid arm. Is this normal? i know its only been 5 days on antibiotics, but i google everything which i shouldn't and curious in your opinions if this is still normal and should it be gone by now? I am crazy nervous about sepsis which i just learned from the er doctor. I have my family doctor appointment on Thursday to look over the hand and was going to ask him if 7 days pills are normal i was reading it should be at least 10 and if my hand is looking ok. But curious on your opinions about how long Cellulitis takes to heal and how long till the red goes back to normal skin color.

thanks in advance

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The Picture is my hand today


It’s different for everyone who has Cellulitis. When I’ve had it it’s lasted 1-3 weeks.

When the redness and heat starts to fade it’s a good sign. You will help recovery by staying on antibiotics for 14 days minimum (protocol for Cellulitis in a lymphoedenomous limb - no less than 2 weeks even if symptoms clear before that ), elevate your hand and arm as much as possible, rest, wear no compression until infection fully clears.

Hope you feel much better soon.


thanks for the info


Hi Stav - totally agree with everything CCT67 has written.

Do you have lymphoedema? The oral antibiotic regime for lymphoedema patients is 14 days. If you developed cellulitis as a result of an injury (a pimple will do it - allows the bacteria under the skin!) and are otherwise healthy,then IV a/bs then 5-7 days oral should be enough to kill the infection.

A severe cellulitis can stay visible under the skin for days/weeks/sometimes months!

Be vigilant with skin care - invest in a good quality odour free moisturiser, and regularly apply it to your hands and arms.


hello no i don't have lymphoedema. Ya the cellulitis was result of a infected blister. Thanks for the info about might be visible for a few day/months. My wife doesnt see it but i see a bit of redness still and just worried to stop medication after the 7 days. But if i understood correct from your reply it could stay under the skin for a while but the infection is gone so it would be ok to stop antibiotics even though you see redness?

thanks again for the info


If you have ANY concerns, then you must see your GP (or MD if not in the UK).


I have lymphoedema in my arm and have just had cellulitis. My nurse has said three weeks of flucloxacillin....but I have only had a week. I not going to tell my GP...my redness has cleared up but it's still sore. I have brought my appointment forward to see the nurse as I wear compression sleeves but they difficult to get on due to swelling.


I’m not sure what you meant by your comment about not telling your GP. In you’re worried about your GP not prescribing a minimum 14 days antibiotics then show him/her the British Lymphology Society/BLS medical consensus document on treating Cellulitis in LEpatients. Here is tis link.


In lymphie patients the infection can appear to have disappeared after 6-7 days however it may very well still present but not visible ie dormant which is why a longer duration of antibiotics is required. Hope you recover swiftly


I going to lymphoedema clinic I gonna ask them to write to my GP


Hope you feel better


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