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What should I do about early onset cellulitis during Christmas when surgeries are closed?

I am a bit perplexed as to how to get my early onset cellulitis treated before it gets any worse. My left foot and ankle is very pink and I think something has got in below the surface of the skin from shaving my lower legs in the bath on Thursday but has taken until today to develop.

The last time I had this condition I had suffered with it about 4 days before getting any treatment and in that time it had me crippled. I remember also having intravenous antibiotics for about 10 days and then a further week of antibiotics orally. At that point in time my left foot and ankle had gone very blue from being a deep shade of pink. My foot also has to have lots of hydromol as I was advised not the let the foot dry out.

This time my left foot and ankle is very pink and just started to stiffen up today. I would also class today as the first day as my foot was alright yesterday. It is also Christmas next week so its a really awkward time as most gp surgeries are closed until the New Year.

I have given my feet a soak with sea salt and after having dabbed them dry applied Savlon to the entire area which may or may not have done it any good. All I am aware of is not wanting it to get any worse as this is Christmas and getting any treatment could be a problem.

What would you do?

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I would dial 999 (and gave the same advice to a patient at 9pm yesterday - she is now in hospital!)



Hi deadfootmo,

You should be using battery shaver not blades to prevent for nicks and cuts.


Go to A and E and get your antibiotic treatment started


Like the above said you need to call A&E because you need attention asap. Also I was told never to shave my legs with razors to only use hair removal cream.

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Thank you everyone. I eventually got a last minute appointment at the Doctors on the 24th so I am now taking high dose Flucloxacillin 4 times a day. My foot is still pink and stiff, but I am able to walk and it has not got any worse. It is not as bad as the last time I had it, but I am pleased that I didn't wait for Christmas to be over as I am sure it would be much worse by then. My GP seemed more interested in an internal bleed that I have been having for a few days, so I have a hospital appointment on Friday this week. Fingers crossed everything is ok.


We all need to learn as much as we can and share that information with our care team.

When I started my latest episode of cellulitis I was able to start my " in case " supply of antibiotics. It was a Friday night so I was able, once again, to start my 2 week course immediately . I am grateful that my GP follows best practice but he was one of the first to undertake the original learning module and all the registrars now take the latest version and the one for Lipoedema as well.

( I have both conditions.)

I saw him on the following Mon morning so he could monitor the response to the horrid condition.


My cellulitis is clearing nicely but the ankle is still stiff in the ridges but at least it is on the mend. I have also been able to enjoy my Christmas despite having antibiotics to take. I have just had to be very careful how much I drank as alcohol can negate the effect of antibiotics, so I had 2 small glasses of wine on Christmas day, 1 small glass of wine on boxing day and each day it was with my main meal. On New Years Eve I had half a glass just to toast the New Year in and with my main meal on New Years day I had 1 full small glass of wine. So not to much at all. I am half way through the second week of antibiotics now and I haven't missed any so should finish on Sunday coming.

I hope you were able to enjoy your Christmas with your two conditions in control.


I'm glad to hear that your cellulitis is responding well to antibiotic therapy.

Mine did too thank you but Christmas was hard as my husband died last year.

My LE is hideous even though I'm under the care of St Georges and Proff Mortimer and Dr Gordon.

I am awaiting the outcome of the fourth bid for surgery as my arm doesn't respond to conventional treatments.

I'm in my 16 th year of remission from BC so have a lot of experience coping with my LE.

I hope you have joined LSN which is the best place to learn about best management ?


I am pleased I joined HealthUnlocked as you can learn so much here, it is an amazing site.

I hope you manage to get a treatment that works for your arm. There are a few on here who have gone in for liposuction as an option, but I am not sure how successful it is , but whatever you do I hope it works.


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