Cellulitis, Day 6, any advice?

Hi, I'm new and found this by pure chance. I have cellulitis in my lower leg, which started off last Sunday, I guessed it was this as I've had it four times before in my arm. Went to GP on Monday first thing and got Flucloxacillin 1 four times a day, normally my arm would go down within 3-4 days but here I am day 6 and still feeling awful. On Wed, in the wee small hours, I ended up going to out of hours GP at local hospital as what had started as one red patch had spread to four large patches, which were all joining up. They gave me another antibiotic to take (2 -4 times daily) on top of the other. Although swelling gone down a lot in the upper part of leg the red patch closest to my ankle is still hot and painful and my foot is swelling and feeling numb today. I have Lymphoedma but in my trunk, breast and arm, following lots of surgery for breast cancer, then finally mastectomy but didn't think this would affect my leg (although it is on same side of body this time). Sorry this is long, but wondered if any healthcare professionals can advise if the redness/swelling should still be as bad on day 6 (I religiously take pills at 6 hourly intervals and elevate leg as much as possible). Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • I'm not a healthcare professional, but my advice would be go to A&E or ring out of hours GP service if only to get some re-assurance/guidance, i hope you're soon on the road to recovery xx

  • Thanks Jennymary, I'm going to ring them.

  • Hi Broomie - yes, cellulitis can hang around - but if you are still feeling very unwell, definitely worth talking to 111 or even visiting your nearest A&E. You may need a blood test to find the particular bacteria causing the infection. There is a downloadable document on the LSN website, which lists the various antibiotics that are used.

    Hopefully you will have been given a 14 day dose. Any less is pointless.

    As you have a compromised lymph system, cellulitis can occur anywhere - not just in the affected areas.

  • Thanks Lynora, I've rang NHS24 and given my details, someone will ring back within 3 hours. I've just moved house and cannot find the sheet my nurse gave me to give A&E/Out of Hours team so will have a look at LSN Website.

  • Hi, a wee update Doctor came out late last night and gave me Clarithromycin to take along with other antibiotics, said if it's not gone down by tomorrow morning I've to go into hospital for drip. Hopefully these will help. Thanks to everyone who responded.

  • I'm pleased you've got the advice and re-assurance you need. Hope you start to improve over the next few days

  • Thank you :-)

  • My first bout of cellulitis 11 yrs. ago lasted12 weeks. I then had several shorter episodes lasting anywhere between 3 weeks to one last year that took 9 weeks to clear ending in intravenous medication for 9 days. This was followed by a second episode 2 months later which fortunately cleared quickly. I am now on prophylactic antibiotics, meaning I take them daily until????whenever,probably forever. Since then my legs have become so much worse, difficulty walking and more swollen. I do all the care with creams, stockings,elevation etc but it just seems that as you age lipo/ lymphoedema gets worse. Oh well I'll stop moaning and get on with life, there are people in a far worse state than me.

  • OMG Lindalou that's awful, you're not moaning btw it's good to vent and also your post lets newbies like me hear first hand what it's really like. As I said I've only ever had it in my arm and its usually settled down within 3-4 days so I was unsure if it was normal how my leg was, but reading through lots of posts and the information Lenora said was on the LSN website it seems there is nothing 'normal' as such with this condition. On the plus side, I feel better within myself this morning although little visual change as yet so the Clarithromycin could be kicking in.

    All the best and thanks for sharing x

  • Welcome Broome glad your getting some advice x

  • It's not moaning good to vent, be kind to yourself x🤗

  • Poor you, you really have been thru the mill, hopefully you've been back to your gp & are feeling better x

  • Thanks Lynne, I went back to GP last Tuesday and she sent me straight to hospital, put on IV antibiotics till Friday then sent home. Took oral antibiotics all weekend but the patch at top of leg was so painful and spreading and my foot was like a balloon again I went back to GP today. Sent back to hospital and spent 5 hours in a chair then moved to a ward. Apparently too late for scan (there's a lump developed on thigh). Starting IV in morning again. My wee boy is worried, he thinks cancer back even although I tell him it's not. I just want to get this sorted so I feel better but also to reassure him. I was just going through my emails and there was an alert from here and as I can't sleep thought I'd reply! X

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