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Knobble top compressions

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Hi gang, I have put a pair of my new full leg compression stockings on and normally get the full silicone band but chemist ordered knobbled top and they keep folding over on the left leg on the inside of my thigh, have I got them pulled up to far does anyone else have this problem?

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You could try some skin glue.

Otherwise, they may well be too far up. Use a pair of rubber gloves, pull them on, then ease the fabric over the whole leg.

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Hi lynora, thanks for your reply. My nurse ordered them for me on my last app in nov but first time on today and I’m thinking my left leg might be a bit bigger than my right because the right one doesn’t fold over at the top like the left one x

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Just try fiddling the fit with the gloves on - and invest in some glue. You may also have changed shape in 4 months - have you only just received them???

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No I got them in Nov but she told me not to wear them til April cos my next app isn't til Sept and I hadn't had the other ones that long x

You can also order stockings with waist belt. Sigvaris from Switzerland is making those.

Hi I had full stocking with lace tops but I was switched over to the made to measure stockings(knitted) they had nobly tops. I found the compression good but they gathered at the back of knees even when using the glue. After consultation with the clinic I’m reverting back to lace top stockings for comfort. I also found the nobly tops irritated my legs and felt the need to take them well before bedtime.

Tights are so much better. After years of rolling tops I now have one legged compression three. They stay put all day and give nice compression to tummy and trunk which all helps.x

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