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I have got my new compressions to start to wear in April 2 full leg & 1 tights, the full leg have the knobbles round the top & I usually get the full silicone band, do the knobbly ones stay up ok and never had tights before and they don’t have any silicone round the top and just wondering if they stay up round a distended stomach?

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Did you collect the garments from the clinic? Did they get you to put them on to check the fit?

If they’re have been measured correctly, they should be comfortable at the waist.

If you think the knobbles are not up to the job, you could add skin glue to the thigh highs for additional ‘hold’ - you shouldn’t need it - which is why you should have had them tried for fit at the clinic.

Hello Bev-1966, Hello Lynora,

Please may I ask what knobbles are on said garments, and is it the same skin glue you use if needing to hold a very tiny cut together?

Hope you do not mind me asking....xx

Hiya completell, knobbles are spots of silicone instead of silicone band and the skind glue is different to the one your thinking of xx

Good afternoon Bev-1966

Thanking you for answering me 1966, you and Lynora have very kindly answered me and now I have an idea. Is it easy to get off delicate skin? xxxx

You mentioned the thigh highs have knobbles round the top.

Skin glue - not for wound repair - used to hold garments up -

Thank you for replying and explaining to me Lynora, will also have a look on the site you have given. It is interesting to know the meanings of these different things, as it seems like this Lymphoedema does get worse and not stop at one or two areas of the body, as I think I am finding out. xxxxxx

Dear Lynora, I really want to thank you for giving this web site, I have seen and learned so much, not just for my lymphoedema but also osteoarthritis. It has so many products to help both, but only found a couple of products within price range, they were the sprays for cooling legs down and Bev-1966 silicone which washes off quite easy.

It is a wonderful thing having clinics and you very special nurses that you can go to for lymphoedema, as without them people would be completely lost. I know I would. It makes me so cross as very special people like your self, and others who look after us with this deserve so much more far more, and it is about time the powers that be took more notice. Bless you Lynora for all you do you are a very special lady.

Wonder what colour Bev-1966 is going to get, they have 6 different colours on that web site.......xxxxxxx

The silicone on the stockings doesn't wash of its not the silicone your thinking ov what you put round the bath lol and I get only get skin or black colour on prescription but would love pink or grey xx

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Didione in reply to Bev-1966

Grey is available on prescription Juzo Soft, Attractive,Dynamic, Expert, Expert Strong - called poppy seed. Pink is also available as a trend colour and can be got on prescription if you can wait a few extra days

Good evening,

Did you have a look at that web site Bev-1966? the one Lynora said about? Loads of info and all types of supports in all colours. They are quite pricey well beyond my price range but I did see some spray for cooling legs down for £5.39, something like that, no more. Also saw your silicone top stockings and the silicone used to keep them up. Did not see many with toes in though, whether it is better to have footless I do not know, my feet toes get cold.

They had some nice sky blue ones on there too.......xxxxx

Hi, I only wear open toes, I don't pay for mine I get them on prescription x

Me too, otherwise could never afford them.

I know my lymph nurse said they did open for summer and closed for winter. Do not know if a choice is given but know could certainly do with some closed when it is cold, brrrrrrrr.

Why no, I wear open toes all year round and my flip flops.

I totally agree with you about the tremendous help that Lynora offers. You can nominate her as a special member of the forum. She's always the first to answer any queries!


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Bev-1966 in reply to Rebec

Lynora is the queen bee of LSN x

Good evening Rebec,

Lynora is truly very kind hearted, and I would do just as you said if only I new how.

I would also like to say that ever since knowing I had lymph/cell, and finding the LSN, I never thought people could be so friendly and supportive. I honestly do not know or what I would have done without this site and the people that use it. It is a blessing that this site exists, so many of us with different stages and things never known what to expect right down to help with finding shoes etc.

It is the Worlds best site for help, support, moans and groans, name it and there is someone around day and night.

I'm sorry but I wasn't notified of your answer. I looked back at the beginning of the messages but couldn't find it now. We had the opportunity to nominate people who are most helpful in, I think, three categories. I nominated Lynora! Pity she hasn't put her photo on the forum just in case she comes to my city and I'm able to recognise her and thank her with a hug. Let's all send her a virtual 🤗! And a 🤗 to all of you on this forum who continue to fight this lymphoedema!


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Bev-1966 in reply to Rebec

I have already nominated lynora for being the most helpful on LSN x

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Applekenke172 in reply to Lynora

Good morning Lynora

Thank you for your link regarding skin glue. I never knew this existed. As my compression socks are always falling down to my knees,although they are made to measure.

Have a good day

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Bev-1966 in reply to Lynora


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Bev-1966 in reply to Lynora

Hi lynora, LD nurse measured my legs and ordered them for size out of sigvaris catalogue x

The tights will stay up - if you use the waist attachment

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Bev-1966 in reply to Didione

I don’t have a waist attachment, never got one with the tights.

Have lyphodema in my left leg from knee down... Only wear my compressions when my leg swells (seems to happen more when i consume alot of salty food, fast food and fizzy drinks(suppose the sodium) etc.. 3 out of 4 weeks a month the swelling is down and both my legs are the same size and im fairly well, but the moment the left leg swells it doubles in size and hurts like hell like my skins getting ripped off the tissue.

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Lynora in reply to YaseenG

Avoid fast food, sugar and carbonated drinks!

Do you have any red or hot areas of skin on the affected leg? It could be cellulitis which requires urgent medical attention.

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