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No compressions

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Hi gang, well I have gone a week without compression stockings now still waiting for replacements from sigvaris. Legs are driving me crazy 😡

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Hi Bev - what's going on? Haven't you got something to wear in the meantime? Hope your replacements are on the way xo

Hi chocolate-e-Clare, no I haven't got anymore nurse told me when I get new throw old out so that's wat I do, in future I will keep them until I no my new ones fit perfect.

I have sent a second email to sigvaris asking about them so see if they get back to me today.

Yes, always keep the previous pair (or two) as a fall-back. I've known a lady to keep her previous stocking for use when swimming (so she always had something on her leg). Xo

I will be I future don't worry about that, if I don't hear from them this morning I will ring this afternoon as I need this sorting out asap x

Try phoning them... If you haven't already.They ate usually quite helpful. I always keep my older tights for emergencies. Hope all goes to plan.

I'd ring them. They sent my replacement sleeve( developed a hole after 3 weeks) to Boots. Boots were baffled as to why it had arrived.

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Bev-1966 in reply to Taffia

Just rang sigvaris they have received my returns but not sent replacements out yet she said she will look into it 😣

Oh good. They are very nice on the phone. I was so confused that they couldn't send it to my address. Had to be to the chemist I used.

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Bev-1966 in reply to Taffia

It looks like I might as well of waited for nurse to come of holiday and let her sort them out, I thought I might of got replacements this week.

Never get rid of the old ones before you get a replacement.

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Bev-1966 in reply to Rebec

I had replacements but after I had thrown old ones out I realised my new ones were short footed.

Update on my stockings, rang sigvaris and she has processed my exchange, black are in stock so I should receive by Wednesday and honey have had to be ordered from France and should have them by the end of the week 😃👍xx

Yeh, I got some compressions in the post today and the foot length is good not short x

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