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Compression stockings

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I was diagnosed with lower leg lymphodema 12 months ago. Before then I was so unhappy and frustrated with my swelling I was constantly told It was water retention and I was over weight, I constantly persisted that I gained weight cause of the swelling I felt like no doctor understood me.

Since being diagnosed and being treated I feel so happy I was told I would hate the stockings but I love them I have lost 4 stone in weight. I can fit my feet in normal shoes they have been such a benefit for me I wanted to share this.

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Hi, mine is secondary and was diagnosed pretty quick but I just wanted to say how happy I am that you've finally been diagnosed and are being treated!

I've seen so many stories of lymphoedema getting to really advanced stages without a proper diagnosis, particularly in primary cases.

Good luck, I hope you continue to see more improvements.

Thank you I have seen excellent improvements and get very positive feed back when I go for appointments I wanted to emphasis the importance of the stockings and the benefits they give to the condition.

Hi what a fantastic blog I am so glad you are doing so well and the weight loss must be a terrific benfit I shall try and follow your example :) xgins

That is took a few years for me to be rightfully diagnosed...finally diagnosed in November 2012 but like you I LOVE the compression stockings...and have lost nearly 2 stone since then...GO ME!!!!! and GO YOU!!!!

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Thanks for the reply and well done x

well done, i think your history is similar to alot of us, dispite the lack of information and treatment initially once you get the right treatment its evident the benefit felt, we all know how to help ourselves once the treatment is right. x

oh what great news pinkfleur but why oh why do doctors not listen to us? I was really lucky being picked up by physio dept with specialist in lymphoedema who listened and measured rather than dismissing my concerns. But it's a lottery as outlined on the many posts on this great resource.

lovely post pinkfleur, thank you

we need lsn to make a badge that says 'love me, love my compression garments'!

v good timing for me - i went to collect the corset i'll be wearing 23 1/2 hours a day after i have my huge skin tags chopped off next week so the lymph can't pool in them

it's, um, very tight! but if it stops the skin from stretching again it'll be doing its job &, as the o t said, think of it as a free spanx garment!

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Best of luck will be thinking of you :) xgins

Thats great news ,i am so happy for you ,i can't wait to start treatment and get bandageing and stockings for my swollen legs.i now feel positive i will get the swelling down and be able to wear normal trousers instead of tracksuit bottoms again ,good for you ,well done.

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How do you go about having the bandage to help with the swelling cus that's something I could do with would I need to see my gp about this x

I hope so..... Remain positive it was big thing for me cause I was unable to wear nice shoes seems silly but that small thing made me feel down so I can imagine how you feel good luck with tratement.

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I have that problem too it's frustrating cus cannot wear normal shoes i have to shop at Clarkes or Evans and even though they are lovely comfy shoes I'd love to be able to wear fashionable shoes I'm a 9 but my real size is 7

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You should try newlook and primark they do wide foot. I have found since treatment some of my shoes I used to wear are now to big so maybe you will be a size 7 again.

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