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Compression therapy system

I'm still yet to have my Lymphography, which is on March 8th, and apart from manual massage and compression tights etc., I don't know what else they do/offer. So I am seriously considering investing in a Compression Therapy System. I know there are many out there but have found a site which sells them for a very reasonable price. So will be talking to my Lymph nurse when I see her next to see what she says. Has anyone else purchased one or has any knowledge of them? I am getting desperate as my Lymphoedema seems to be getting worse. Appreicate any feed back. Thanks x

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You've had gastric probs haven't you? Get lots of advice before purchasing one of these devices, as the cheaper ones can cause problems!

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Thanks for that Lynora thats why I need to talk to my Lymph nurse which wont be till next month. I might give LSN a call to see what they say. There is a company in Headley on Thames which do an expensive one and they invite you to trial it for 2 weeks before you buy. You pay for the trial period but it means daily sessions for 2 weeks (so you can be trained to use it etc) so would need to stay there for that time. It would work out pricey for the trial and travel and stay etc. Not sure what to do


Wait for your lymph nurse to advise. Whilst they can be useful, they are not suitable for everyone. You also need to be taught self-lymph drainage for the upper body - which is why I mentioned your gastric probs.


I know hun. But the whole thing is getting me down. Was seeing a Gastroenterologist but have now been discharged. Still have my gastro problems and am constantly bloated. Was told I had build up of bacteria in my gut, gave me meds but didn't do anything :( I've expanded so much round my waist and hips (as well as leg swelling) I'm beginning to wonder whether or not I might have Lipedoemda? Is it worth seeing the dr again? Just getting fed up with it all :( :(


I have sent a PM


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