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Compression Garment alternatives.

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Can anyone help please? I have lymphoedema in my left leg/groin and currently wear compression tights. I was wondering if anyone has tried cycling shorts instead of wearing tights - especially in the hot weather - and if so what brand is appropriate please? Cycling shorts that are available in high street sports shops don't seem to offer any support so I wondered if anyone could offer me any advice before I make an expensive mistake! Thank you.

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Hi P555.

I have the same issue myself

I have asked my lymphoedema nurse about the shorts.Her initial recommendation was whole leg stockings!- not a cat in hells chance.If it wasn't for my husbands help I would never even get my compression stockings or fallow wraps on so full length stockings were never going to happen.

I am seeing her on Monday when she will tell me if she has managed to get me these or not.

This weather is just too hot to wear stockings and they look vile - no matter how you dress them up so I am hoping I can get them.

Will let you know what happens



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Brandish54 in reply to Crusee

I wear farrow wraps from toe to top of leg can only remove to cleanse legs it is nightmare this weather feels like your legs are cooking I curse and swear a lot . The people who design these things ought to try wearing them . Plus when they slip they cut into legs several years ago I used to wear juxta's another compression garment which were lovely not so hot easier to put on did not cut they slipped but were much easier to adjust. The usual excuse because of cost they could not let me have them I was willing to pay for them myself doctor said it doesn't work that way what an excuse .

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PS55 in reply to Brandish54

I totally agree that manufacturers /suppliers should try wearing them. I don't understand why you can't buy them yourself though I am sure they are extremely expensive. You are exempt from VAT. Thankyou for your comments.

Personally I wouldn't have thought any sort of cycling shorts would be able to offer you the compression that you need and may indeed just make things worse lower down the leg . The garments are specifically made to offer the correct level of compression at certain points . The garments are dreadful to wear in hot weather but sadly we have to wear them to stop our lymphoedema getting worse. I wear toe to thigh ready made compression garments and then end up wearing light trousers over the top in the sun alongside my bikini top - not an attractive sight !! . The only time I do not wear them is when it's incredibly hot because I struggle to ge them on properly due to the arthritis in my hands . Life wearing garments certainly isn't fun !! I've worn them now for 21 years - a long time , and if I live long enough I'll probably have spent half my life in these flippin things lol . It'll be interesting to see if they manage to find you anything .

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Thankyou for your comments and thoughts. I live in hope!!

You can have compression shorts, off the shelf in black or beige from Haddenham Healthcare. They are not a prescription item, but for compression are not too expensive. If you have a hospital clinic they should be able to provide them. Alternatively, your Lymphoedema clinic can do made to measure shorts in various fabrics. If you only need a circular knit I would recommend Juzo Dynamic or Sigvaris Comfort. If you wear shorts alone, you must watch out for swelling starting in the feet and legs. If this happens you would know you need to keep up with the tights.

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Thankyou. That sounds promising. I wouldn't want to wear them all the time - just now and then would be nice to feel the air around my legs.

I have Lymphoedema from my waist to my toes for the last 21 years I have tried everything cycling shorts the lot. The only thing which worked regarding the groin was M&S long legged girdle with the jelly band to stop it slipping and even then I had to wear toe to thigh stocking or the swelling lower down the leg became worse. I now wear signalised tights 365 days of the year ( I get 8 pairs a year through my GP). As I play tennis and walk a lot I need a lot more I go through the heels fairly regularly. But I need to exercise to help survive this horrible condition

Good luck to all of us and thank God the weather has cooled down.... it was really uncomfortable especially with compression garments. I was very grumpy!!!!!

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Kraut in reply to patsy1702

Where do you order the tights? They sound comfortable ❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

I would ask your therapist about measuring you for Juzo flat knit. I wear a waist to toe garment for my left leg. The garment also comes in shorts. I wear a class 2 garment for excercising and biking just so I can have more flexibility in the knee. Normally I wear class 3. Somtimes i will wear a compression sock over the class 2 garment for a boost in the lower leg but leave my thigh and knee at class 2. Its all about flexibility for me and yes the hot weather is also a factor.

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PS55 in reply to Pjtrant

Thankyou for your recommendation and comments.

Hi all.

I wish to thank you all as well.

I have only recently been diagnosed with lymphoedema and it has really upset me,Until a couple of years ago I cycled 80-100 miles per week .Then I was diagnosed with RA.It has moved on quite aggressively and now can barely walk across a room never mind cycle.All the inactivity ( although I have tried but it's just too painful) I have now developed lymphoedema along with excess weight which may be due partly because of steroids and inactivity.

When I see my lymphoedema nurse on Monday I have at least got some info on here to discuss the best options for me.I have never worn tights and always gone bare legged even in winter.In these stockings I feel trussed up like an oven ready turkey so I am really not looking forward to more stockings,tights,wraps etc. Plus of course my arthritic hands prevent me doing this on my own,my husband has to help me every day.

Thanks again.



Try the site They offer many choices of compression garments.

A huge thankyou to everyone for your varied and constructive replies. I really appreciate your interest and input. Lots to look into. Thankyou so much.

A huge thankyou to everyone for your interesting and varied replies. A lot to think about and investigate.

I have groin/right leg lymphoedema. I have tried various styles of cycling shorts in the beginning. None of them gave me the compression where I needed it. My physio also had a pair made to measure ($170 au) but they also didn't do much either. I now wear a post partum pantie from a company called leonisa. They are a U.S brand but I order them online. They are much cheaper ($25us) but they are wonderful for me. I also wear my thigh high stockings. I have recommended them before and have had positive feedback from a few people, but I recently recommended them to someone who had sent me a msg and they didn't work out for her. I felt really bad about it actually. Anyway just a thought. It is expensive though trying different things to find what works for you. Good luck

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PS55 in reply to Mistymay

Thankyou. I will look into the brand.

Are most of these posts outside the UK? The recommended sites are in America

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Mistymay in reply to Amcc

I am in Australia. But the site I buy from is U.S.

Try looking in Aldi/Lidl. Both have random bargain cycle clothing which you could try out without spending too much money. I have arm lymphoedema but do own a pair of cycle undershorts that also have rather nice overshorts that came from Aldi.

I use Proskins and find the wearable even in hot weather xx

I have used Proskins high waisted tights, smaller size than my normal. They give good support and are made with silver so are anti bacterial. I spend a lot of time in France and find I can tolerate them even in heat. Cycle shorts would be good too, but but one or two sizes smaller than your usual to achieve compression. All the best xx

Hi, this might sound daft but I have full bilateral lymphedema in legs and my nether region seams to be puffy and a couple of parts is a bit thicker like swollen but not lumps if you can understand what I mean, is this groin lymphedema.

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Hi Bev, I just spotted your post, to me it sounds like it, might pay to check. I get quite puffy and have two parts that get quite hard and swollen.

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Hi mistymay, thanks for your reply, i had app with lymp nurse 30th sept but got phone call to say it was canceled as she went home poorly so waiting for another app but i will get so embarressed asking her about it.

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It is embarrassing, but she more than likely has other patients with the same thing. Hopefully she has some ideas for you that will help. Good luck 🙂

in reply to Mistymay

Thank you, i will let you no when i have been but could be a few weeks before i get another app, it will give me time to build up to me asking her about it. 😊

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