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New year same me

Near years resolution same as every other years loose weight have a wedding which I'm best man at and possibly another one both in Sept that's 9 months and when I have my head in it I can easily loose 1stn a month. What's stopping me I hear people say, the fact I'm depressed about my legs makes it harder, my wife telling me she doesn't want to loose me(which should spur me on) and finally as I said new year same me went out on new years day to a family lunch and came home in shivers and sweats and threats of calling a ambulance. I've taken paracetamol now for the temp and oramorph for the pain also taken my emergency antibiotics of clindamicin hopefully this will ease quickly as am at the moment I risk losing my job. (Which makes the depression wose) sorry for the rambling only I do find talking to u guys helps as someone is going through the same thing thank you Gareth

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Quick reply: if you have had, or think you may have, cellullitus you MUST seek medical attention. Emergency supplies of antibiotics are just to start you off until you get medical attention.


I've been to wound clinic as have a ulcer on the back of my leg and also have a appointment at the end of the mother for lymphodema clinic. The antibiotics I have as a emergency are the same they'd give me in the surgery as I've had it so many times now they give me a extra week dose to keep spare if it's not easing by next week I'll go down as have to get my emergency supply replaced and will probably need another week dose


Happy New Year Gareth. Keep your weight reduction goal in mind, try to focus on the good things in your life like your lovely wife, get cellulitis sorted out and love your life. I know how hard it is to stay positive and look forward but it's worth a try xx

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