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Wrap changing shape and pain in left leg


Hi all I am hoping you can help me with 2 different problems I use Haddenham easy wraps which I have recently received a new set this time getting 3 pieces lower leg, knee and thigh (I can't use the foot piece because I have to wear support in my shoes) and the lower leg pieces have changed shape a third along they make an hour glass shape which when I first had them wasn't there and I wanted to know if this is normal.

My other problem is when I started wearing the 3 pieces on my left leg I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my knee I stopped wearing the knee piece but that didn't help I then stopped wearing the thigh piece and that wasn't the cause of the problem either. I now have to wear the top of the lower leg straps really loose so that it enables me to be able to walk

Hope you can help

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Are you pulling them too tightly above the ankle?

Are you fitting them when you are lying down or seated, then standing to apply the thigh piece?

Putting on the knee piece last?

Using a liner?

If you open the lower limb piece so it is flat, do the straps overlap gradually or are some of the calf straps markedly longer?

Loramay in reply to Lynora

Hi Lynora I have been applying them seated lower leg and knee (straight leg) then stand for the thigh which is a bit tricky as I use crutches to walk. The wraps goes from small to large except for the last 3 and they are the same length on the non Velcro side my GP thinks it is catching my sciatic nerve

I hope it’s ok for me to reply, admin please remove if not. I would advise that you check the length of the lower leg piece, that you have been ordered the correct length, if it is too long it would cause problems at the knee. If the band on the calf has pulled in slightly to form an hour glass shape just hold the band and pull it back out to reshape it, this happens because the Velcro is quite strong. On newer versions of easy wrap the Velcro has been improved so this shouldn’t happen. Easywraps should always be applied leg, knee then thigh. I hope this helps.

Loramay in reply to tiliedawn

Thanks yes they were issued about 2 months ago I have been doing lower leg knee then thigh (standing up) I will try to pull the narrow bit out I must admit I struggle to get what the bite easy wrap use to tell you that is right amount of tension

tiliedawn in reply to Loramay

It’s when you pull the bands to a certain point where you start to feel resistance from them. That is called the lock out. I hope this helps.

Loramay in reply to tiliedawn

Many thanks for that I have been pulling them to tightly which probably is how the hour glass shape came about

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