My feet get super red and start to itch and burn at the same time

I take a decently hot show, nothing to burn my skin. Not even 5 minutes into my shower my feet get very red and start to burn but itch and the same time. It's almost unbearable, sometimes I have to sit down to let them "cool off" I've been taking a shower with the same level of heat for years. I believe it's starting to get worse, and I'd say it's been going on for maybe a year. What could this be a result to? Sometimes when I'm just standing they burn and itch so it couldn't be the heat of the water.

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  • Do you have Lymphoedema? Have you described this feeling to your GP? When you say you have to sit to allow your feet to 'cool off', is your heart racing, are you lightheaded?

  • No I'm not lightheaded and I'm not sure should I check into that

  • Hi cheesymilk, if you have lymphedema, hot showers/baths/saunas etc are discouraged as the heat often causes more swelling. What you are describing is unusual. Do you wear compression? There may be a circulation issue. Best to check with your doctor.

  • I do not

  • Bit confused why you are asking your question on a forum for Lymphoedema patients.

    I think you should visit your doctor and tell him/her your symptoms.

  • Hi Cheesymilk,

    It's possible you may have Erythromelalgia/EM which is a neurovascular disorder usually manifesting in the extremeities. Do your feet ever get red and itch other times than in hot shower, like if you go from outside to inside/ very heated room? While in the shower when your feet get red, itchy, burning do your feet feel relief if you put them under cool water? If they do you almost definitely have EM as that the classic sign ie cool water relieves the burning but when you stop the cold water the burning returns

    EM is not something most GPs have heard - the 7 GPs at my surgery never had. I was diagnosed with EM by Dr Gordon at the Lymphoedema Clinc at St Georges hospital in London. It's a very rare disorder that is linked to gene mutation just like primary Lymphoedema is (which I have). Sometimes Lymphoedema in the feet and legs (or arms/hands) exacerbates EM if already predisposed to it. I had very mild EM symptoms all my life but when my Lymphoedema became more acute the EM symptoms hugely worsened.

    Here is a link that may be useful

    There are patient support groups on line too eg EM Warriors.

    Take care

    Cat x

  • After my warm shower (trying to avoid legs as much as possible0, I then turn the water to cold and shower my legs and feet. Have to be a bit stoical to do this. You could get out of the shower and sponge your legs down with cold water. Keep cold water in a bowl handy. Essential to keep the legs cool. When I am in bed I wrap up quite warmly down to my thighs and try to keep lower legs exposed to the air. When I was in hospital my legs itched terribly with the heat so I soaked a bath towel in cold water, squeezed out the excess water, and lay with it draped over my legs to cool them. It worked.

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