Wide leg jeans

Can anyone let me know where I can locate some wide leg ( wide to fit over swollen lymph legs)? So tired of ordering wide leg only to find they fit like skinny jeans !


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  • i have the same problem and found a few larger fittings /stretch fabric & waistbands at Chubbs


    otherwise buy bigger and tailor in the waist etc.,



  • Thanks Christo

    Much appreciated

    Rebecca x

  • Hi - I had choice in M&S. I bought a pair of relaxed fit jeans that are roomy around the knee. They also do wide leg jeans in their per una range that were roomy enough for my knee. They do three lengths in them too - I found that the longer versions gave more room round my knee (I’m a short fitting really). The jeans I bought are meant to be ankle skimmers, but actually fit me as a standard length. M&S have other style trousers in wide leg too at the moment (I bought a lovely pair of velvet trousers!). Hope you find what you are looking for soon.

  • Thanks MsDel,

    I will have a look.


    Rebecca x

  • Hi

    MsDel beat me to it I was also going to suggest M&S.

    I have also found vintage wide leg jeans and trousers in charity shops!

    Happy hunting.

  • Thank you Mitzie,

    That's a good idea, I've seen some vintage flares on Amazon. Thanks

    Rebecca x

  • Don't know how swollen your legs are but I recently got some from Next

  • Thank you marywright

    Rebecca x

  • Not sure about Jeans, but I have found ''wide leg'' or Palazzo trousers on three sites so far. DD Williams and Simply B have a decent pair by Joanna Hope - really good size around the knee and lower legs too. Then on Amazon I found a seller - ''Yours'' in the plus size range. They also have good quality wide leg trousers - and tops that hide the legs too!

    Good luck, and happy hunting!


  • Hi Sammyvan,

    Many thanks, Yes I shop at JD Williams + Simplybe trousers are good, I've got some palazzo trousers as they are thin jersey material I wear them around the house, but Maybe I could try to locate some heavy material palazzo trousers. Think that would be spot on ! Cheers.

    Rebecca x

  • Jeggings are always an option as they stretch more and have the similar look as jeans

  • Hello HazieC,

    Thank you. Perhaps I could get some for comfort around the house. I don't think the world is ready for my legs in jeggings !

    Rebecca x

  • I have been buying my wide leg trousers from JD Williams like Sammyvan. Also I noticed that there were a pair of wide leg jeans in the denim section.

  • Hi rosequartzdreamer, nice name !

    Yes I shop at JD Williams, trousers are good, I did spot a wide leg style -Pixie Jeans, not in stock until a months time, I shall be patient and give them a go.

    Thanks for the suggestion,

    Rebecca x

  • I get mine from "yours" online. I get bootcut and they are quite wide from knee down and little stretchy in the leg too so looser than average jeans. Im a larger lady so get most of my clothes from here. x

  • Many thanks hebden, yes I shop at 'Yours' also as a larger lady myself, I do appreciate Yours, I find their wide leg trousers are great but the bootleg jeans arent wide enough for me. New Look Inspire range used to do fab jeans, these days sadly they seem to be like jeggings.

    Thanks for you help

    Rebecca x

  • go to www. thredup.com and tradesy.com. Some are new, some used. I bought Maggie Sweet pants on ebay years ago and still wash and wear them every week and they look like new. Google "ladies pants 2x" and you may come up with others as well. If used, just wash very well.

  • go to Amazon.com. When you get there type in wide leg Jeans in their search box on the home page.Decent prices,and lots to choose from.

  • go to thredup.com and tradesy.com. They may be used or new but just wash them well if used. Prices are CHEAP. Get widepants. I have maggie sweet pants I bought years ago on ebay and they wash and wear every week and still look new. Wide enough for t he farrow wraps to go under without showing. Also google "pants 2x maggie sweet" and other answers may come up too. You can try amazon and other resale sites like ebay.

  • You can try Ulla Popken UK online. They have a wide range and very good quality. There are frequent sales too. ullapopken.co.uk/Ladies/Tro...

  • Bloody expensive though 😯

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