Lymphodema in one leg only

Hi I have lymphodema in right leg only - so my legs and feet are different sizes and width. Varies from 20-55% difference- depending on what's been occurring as they say

I really struggle getting shoes to fit and haven't worn boots for several years.

I was reading previous post and noticed several websites that sell wider fit footwear

Probably a daft question but does anyone know anywhere you can get different width shoes /boots without buying two pairs ?

Also any advice on lymphodema being classed as a disability in UK and what the means would be helpful


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  • If you go back through posts on this forum, someone else posted the question about whether or not Lymphodema is classed as a disability.may be worth going back through and having a look, good luck x

  • Thanks JennyMary

    I will do,

    And you


  • I also have lymphoedema in right leg and struggle with buying footwear. Unfortunately I always end up buying two pairs in different sizes to accommodate my big foot. I've never found boots to fit. Shoe shopping is a nightmare and often leaves me in tears. I feel for you.

  • I have LE in both legs -since birth- I've found Shoe Tailor/JD Williams online are great for wide fittings including boots which are done in various wide curvy fittings but not different widths in1 pair I'm afraid.

  • Hi Dotty11

    Thanks for your post, me too. I used to love shoes and find it shoe shopping really upsetting

    All the best to you X

  • Hi Diane999

    Thanks for the info, I will look into these websites X D

  • Maybe try or have a look on google or eBay etc . Sometimes you can be lucky and pick up odd sizes in shoes .

  • Me too I have lymphedema in my right leg. I had already 3 operations since child and when I was 28. But it always go back to bigger size. Now I found a theraphist in my area. And it got little smaller. Now I'm wearing stockings all the time. I never wear skirt or dress in public for o am bit shy about my leg. Does anyone of you here feel the same feelings?

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