Waterproofing dressings

My mum is the lymphadema sufferer and has been for the past two years. It affects her lower legs and feet. She has recently cut her leg and is having it dressed by the district nurse but is not allowed to shower as it can't get wet. Can anybody help me as to where I can buy some sort of waterproof leg dressing protector that will fit around my mum's leg. Thank you in advance for your help.

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  • Try limboproducts.com they produce waterproof elasticated arm & leg covers which can be used for bathing or showering.

  • Thank you so much for replying. This is exactly what I have been trying to find.

  • HI CB1204

    Your DN should be able to supply one - the DN's I work with have a ready supply. What you are looking for is called a Cast Protector - they come in various sizes, and can be 'supplied to fit'.

    If you google a phrase like 'waterproof leg protector shower' a whole raft of suggestions will come back - but you shouldn't need to pay for your own.

  • Hi You have to be so careful when showering. You can by a leg which is basically a polythene sock which you put over leg.

    Or which I do a dustbin bag tied on above the knee works a treat take every precaution in the shower as it will be slippery I suggest sitting

    Take care


  • I cut my leg a week ago and am in the same position -I use a black bin bag a bit large but have wraped it around my leg and secured it with elastic quite firmley. Then do another band about 4 inches below the first to make shure it stays dry .Cost nothing.

  • I do the same as ladies above use a bin bag works a treat.

  • Thank you for all your replies. The bin bag trick worked a treat.

  • my husband has a bad ulcerated leg the district nurse told him of a legging boot made of plastic with elastic top he showers every day with his and keeps his dressings dry you may find them on the disabled shop on line.

  • I have just had my legs dressed in compression bandages they said I couldn't get them wet. They ordered they these plastic boots with a rubber seal at top. I had shower and they are great. I got them through NHS and didn't have to pay. Ask District Nurses. Hope this helps.

  • Yes just type in lloyds Pharmacy ... They sell all kinds of medical aids very reasonable prices too.

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