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Leaking Lymphoedema Leg

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Hi, I have Lymphoedema in both legs, my left leg has split in a couple of places on the back and has been leaking badly for approx 8-9 weeks along with the district nurses we are now changing the dressing approx every 3-4 hours as they just fill with fluid, which starts to burn and sting my leg, the leg is becoming extremely sore now, difficult to remain in bed as the wound is on the back of the leg and so rubs, walking is also very painful. I was looking for any advice on what we can do to stop the fluid, i.e. Should we do a complete compression wrap for a few days, changing the wraps as soon as they are wet? Perhaps the compression may help stop the flow of fluid? Any advice would be great!



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Compression bandaging would definitely help, but really, if the lymphoedema has deteriorated to such an extent, you ought to consider asking for in-patient treatment. Have you or the DN's consulted with your lymphoedema clinic as to best practice/options for you?

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Hi Lynora, thanks for your help, Unfortunately I have been severely let down by my Lymphoedema nurse/specialist, and I have had to put it in the hands of the health board, who are investigating the appalling treatment the I received, or more to the point did not receive. So it is myself, my wife and the wonderful District nurses who are left dealing with my legs.

Hi What terribly bad luck. When mine were weeping like a torrent after we had washed over them with sterile water. We used a cream that is used on burns, I am afraid I cannot remember its name . It was after burns so it was gentle cooling and either district nurse or pharmacy will know what it is.

Dont keep changing the bandages - do elevate your leg . Compression bandage will help .

Good luck


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Hi Ginsing, thanks for that, I shall ask the nurses when they arrive later. We are having to change the dressings often because there is so much fluid coming out that within just a few hours the dressings are ringing wet even soaking my slippers, it the worset I've had, and I've had Lymphoedema since the 90s. Thanks again for the help.


I was burned and we used Silvadine cream. It was like heaven on the burns.

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Silva deme cream is the best. They use it in burn clinics. The wound care used medahoney ( sterilized honey)on my open wound and it worked great,

Are they using highly absorbent 'dry' dressings? I've been using Aquacel patches, covered with Flivasorb, under Coban2 compression bandages, on a lady with lymphorrhea - it solved the problem over two weeks, thankfully - however, it did need daily application - including weekends!

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Hi Lynora, how long do you leave the dressings and compression wraps on for if the leg is leaking?

I had a 2"inch cut on my leg that ended up with an ulcer and with the lymphoedema had great difficulty in getting it to heal over. As the swelling kept breaking it open. Compression bandaging was the answer, it stopped the swelling and the wound healed over, it took time but well worth it. The bandaging was renewed each day.

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Hi compass, that's a great help, we will start with the compression this weekend.

Thank you,


Glad to be of help will keep fingers crossed for you that it works

Hyperbaric oxygene helps wounds close up at least that is my experience read about it


The district nurse sewed my mother's leg up with with tiny little stitches.

It healed nicely. Still leaked a bit whilst healing but not so wrryimg as she called to change stitches



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My leg has been leaking for over 2 years I have been to hospital and lymphedema clinic told it was not lymphedema

Saw my gp he said i should go to the lymphedema clinic

I went to a vain Dr who wrapped my legs with Unna Boots they helped then my insurance company need a prescription from my GP he hasn't been helpful I'm going to him on Thursday

The leg that is leaking has gone down to normal size but hasn't stopped leaking and is now leaking more then ever and it burns at night feel like it in a bed of fire and fireworks are going off from inside

Anyway I would love to know how I can stop or slow it down and stop the burning

Thank you

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Lumphamemaw in reply to Fatleg1

Have they wrapped it with compression bandages? I recommend a wound care dr.The one I saw got the wheels going with regards to my lymphedema treatment. My wound healed and I go to the lymphedema clinic on August 12. I have my compression pump and leg sleeves now I need lymphatic massage instructions which I hope will help.

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