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Reducing leg above the knee

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Hi Everyone,

No matter what I do, my upper leg never seems to respond as well as my lower leg. I eat clean, bike, walk, do MLD twice monthly, self massage, wear compression during the day and night garments. I also use the flexitouch a couple of times a week. Can anyone offer advice ? I really want to reduce the waddle, as I call it, on my thigh !

12 Replies
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Just one thigh? What form of lymphoedema? Have you asked your lymphoedema therapist the same question? Is your buttock affected on the same side?

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rexygirl in reply to Lynora

My lymphedema is in my right leg, toes to groin and buttock area. It just appeared one day at age 40 (22 years ago). I'm going to a new therapist next week, I'll see what she has to offer. I hate the extra bulge at the top of my leg. It's like a little muffin top above my thigh high stocking.

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naominorthenellis in reply to rexygirl

Surely if it affects your groin and buttock area you should be wearing a pair of unilateral tights - not a thigh high stocking. I recommend that you speak to your new therapist about getting the correct garment for your specific needs. NNE

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rexygirl in reply to naominorthenellis

I agree with you and I do have elvarex shorts to wear over the stocking. The next fitting I have for garments, I will be getting the elvarex pantyhose. They are god awful confining though :(

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naominorthenellis in reply to rexygirl

Oh I know - but you can get black too I think. Good luck.

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Sorry to read of your challenge. I can empathise as my right thigh is similarly stubborn and reduction has been much less effective there than my left leg and lower leg for the last seven years.

I can only encourage you to keep at the exercise and healthy lifestyle. I have recently achieved some further reduction to my thigh after years of trying and I attribute this to a combination of things. Some ‘red light treatment’ on the thigh by my Lymphoedema nurse to soften the tissue; starting to use a Juzo lymphpad inside my stocking in the thigh area to increase pressure there; increasing my exercise regime with the help of a Fitbit tracker plus healthy eating which has all led to weight loss (7 lb) and a perceived reduction in my thigh area... I looking forward to being remeasured at clinic to see what physical reduction I have there, I reckon a good inch at least. As I did all of these things in the last 6 months I can’t tell which ones did the trick but at last I have some hope that I am making progress.

I hope this helps and wish you every success with your reduction is so worth it in the end.

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rexygirl in reply to ponygirl

Thanks for the encouragement - I'm on a mission with the diet and exercise also ! I notice increased swelling right after exercise, but when I wear the night garment ,I'm up to the bathroom several times getting rid of it ! I know what you mean about trying a combination of things and not being sure of which one is making the difference !

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Have you tried chinese medicine ? It's not instant but its been helping me and others dramatically reduce lymphedema. You would probably be a good candidate because you are staying healthy--it may not work long term unless people commit to a good diet, and staying very active. But it has helped me minimize the lymphedema so I don't have to wear compression, or elevate, or do self massage or MLD. Not instant but it is a safe and potentially long term fix. Not many people know about it but I started a blog about it and have been hearing from more and more people that it IS working, so it is exciting.

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Karenlr56 in reply to Jeanne53

This sounds interesting.. What's your blog?

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Jeanne53 in reply to Karenlr56

Hi....we're over here:

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rexygirl in reply to Jeanne53

Thanks Jeanne ! I actually have commented on your blog and seeing a TCM doctor is on my list of things to explore next. Thank you !

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Jeanne53 in reply to rexygirl

Best of luck...fingers crossed you get results too!!!!

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