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Top of the morning to you all

I havent been on this site for a while so just thought I would drop by.

This morning I am waiting to take a shower so I have not wrapped my legs and in the space of an hour it has swollen turned blure and it is giving me grief. So now I know why I wear wraps everyday. I suppose I had hoped that they would stay normal for longer but hey with my luck no.

So as soon as OH is back I will shower and get those wraps back on"

I kbut you hope dont you _now the specialist said they would be for ever :)

O hope you are all well and managing ok.



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I hope you are more confortable now and have your legs well rested. Ninewells


The name Ninewells reminds me of four magnificent years I spent in Dundee. If you live in that area, then a warm hello to you.


No i dont live in Dundee but i have spent so many hours as an inpatien xs of Liposuction over the last two years for my legs and arms. x


But it's as if you did. Was the liposuction successful? You were in one of the best hospitals in the UK.


very sucessful rebec, just had the last one 9 weeks ago, but this was for Lipoedema removal,


Thank you Ninewells I hope you have a good Monday xxgins


Morning Gins, Like wise, not been on this site for so long now with all my surgery. I am now on the Lipoedema Ladies site more as my Lipoedema had become more troublesome, but most of this has now been removed from my legs. First Scottish patient to under go the surgery.


Hi Ninewells

I am pretty new here but can you please tell me if you got all your lipodema removed at Ni swells hospital and how many sessions and the costs please ???

I really hate these legs and have tried to get help for over 30 years now

I think now as I approach 50 I realise that these legs have been a curse all my life

Please reply with some good info




I really hope you are now feeling much more comfortable.........nobody Truely knows how it feels unless they too have it....! Have a good day.x


Hope you are feeling much better. Nobody deserves to suffer from lymphoedema. To think that there are only 20% who develop it, at least in my type! Enjoy the day. One should look at the positive and enjoy being able to see and hear and talk, and I almost forgot, write emails!


welcome back gins and ninewells xx


Thanks lovesradio I have always been about just under a silken coat of invisibility but I have banished it back to panto land


Thanks Lovesradio


Just joined today, though I've had lower leg lympho for 10 years now... big sympathies re.shower!

The New Normal of stockings on before even getting up, and only off again for shower just before bed. No use hating the stockings, even when it's hot; life between getting the swellings and getting the stockings was horrible and demoralising, so I have to love them really!

(Just grateful I didn't have to go through cancer first - and that swelling's not got worse as quickly as I feared after first diagnosis/those terrifying google findings.)


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