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Does anyone find Taking pain medication makes their LE worse? Q about farrow wraps aswell

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I have been taking pain meds for few days and my leg is so much bigger, tighter, when I bend it, it feels similar to how it did the last time I done a very long flight....

also, Farrow wraps, anyone have much use with them? am I able to get them on prescription or do I need to buy them?

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Hi yes you can get them on prescriptions from Harpenden Suppliers Buckinghamshire.

I wear them all the time, do you already use triple layer or stockings?

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stephy1987 in reply to Ginsing

I am in Scotland but nice to know you can get them on prescription! I don't know what triple layer stockings are? never heard of them, I have various different tights I was given from the hospital! its actually hard for me to find much on nhs, I keep having to go private!

Hi Stephi

Where abouts in Scotland are you. I live in the borders and have been lucky enough to find my practise nurse had trained in the bandaging. She helped me bring my legs down to normal looking and now I keep them this way with the Farrows. I cannot use the stocking as my back restricts me getting them on. I must admitt at the begining I felt rather alone in all this but the physio dept of local hosp has someone who has experience of this. I am under a Vascular surgeon n a great help. xgins

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stephy1987 in reply to Ginsing

im in Glasgow, I have had 3 courses of bandaging, sorry I misread what you said that's why id idnt get the triple layer comment lol! each time I had it was for 3 weeks at a time n tbh it didn't make that much of a difference

Steph - why are you on pain meds? Is this for pain in your leg? Is your leg red anywhere? Hot to touch? If yes to any of these, go see your GP asap - it could be cellulitis.

FarrowWrap is available on prescription from a company called Haddenham Healthcare - your clinic will be able to measure you up for it.

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stephy1987 in reply to Lynora

Hi Lynora, the pain meds were just for period pain, but I get it pretty severe so was on a concoction of stuff, just noticed a diff and wasn't sure if it was to do with them. No I don't have an infection I know all those signs and I have anti biotics in the house for if/when I need them . Ill ask the lady I see, I don't attend a clinic from nhs I seem to have to pay privately a women in Glasgow to see me for mld etc.


I live in Wales and have Farrow Wraps for my foot, lower leg and thigh. I have been given them all via the Lymphodema clinic that I attend, which I then gave to my GP and got them from the chemist on prescription. We do not pay for prescriptions in Wales, so they were at no cost. They came from Haddenhams and I wear them once I take my class two stockings off in the evening. I find them excellent. I rarely take any pain killers, sometimes, but if I do it is only Paracetamol as I sometimes get an ache like tooth ache in my legs. I have experienced no problems doing this.

I have been told I shouldn't take any anti-inflammatories as it can make my leg swelling worse but painkillers should be fine. Unfortunately I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place as I have osteoarthritis in my feet and knees (and possibly in hips and hands too). I need my painkillers and anti-inflammatories to help with the OA. I've tried to take just my painkillers or none at all and I'm in agony - if I take them, I swell a bit more than usual. My GP switched my anti-infammatories from Diclofenac to Naproxen about 2 years ago which has cut down the amount of extra swelling I get and I'm still pretty mobile. On the odd occasion if I run out of my anti-inflammatories, I'll take over the counter ibuprofen but I swell loads so I try not to forget to pick up my prescription!

Several years ago, my GP prescribed me Mafenamic Acid (Ponstan) for period pain and that stuff really caused me to swell up so it's definitely on my list of no-no tablets. On the odd occasion I now take Buscopan tablets which are an anti-spasmodic usually to treat IBS but they do help me (also good for gallstone pain I found out before I got it whipped out recently!). But I mainly try to get by nowadays on peppermint tea and peppermint oil capsules (oh and the obligatory hot water bottle!)

This may be irrelevant here - will look for somewhere more appropriate to post it as well - but if you need to take IBS remedies AND you have a peanut allergy, don't take Colpermin. On list of ingredients is ARACHIS OIL, which is peanut oil. My partner discovered this the hard way when prescribed Colpermin (before medics decided it wasn't IBS anyway, but a form of Colitis).

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