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Flying with wraps or bandages

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Has anyone tried flying with wraps or bandages INSTEAD OF compression tights/garment?

Flying long haul tomorrow and wondering if that's advisable at all?

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Depends what is most comfortable or practical for you. Wraps would be better than bandages simply for ease of donning/doffing. If the compression garments are comfortable to wear, take a spare to change into - although aircraft toilets are not the most generous of spaces for this activity ;). If you opt for wraps for the flight, put bandages in your luggage to apply as soon as you get to your destination. You might get funny looks at Passport Control!Are you going somewhere lovely? Got room in your bag for me?

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Thanks, flying to Senegal. Decided to wear my flat knit compression hosiery instead with a sigvaris 1 tights on top.And taking my wraps with me to wear on top also if need be.

Hopefully this should do the trick.

Not had issues in the past wearing bandages at the airport but with covid restrictions, didn't want to worry about having to remove and then struggle to put hosiery on.

For very many years I have flown long haul 6 times per year (9/10 hour flights) and have tried various compression options to see what works best for my limbs. I do swell up LOADS when I fly so if I wear wraps I keep having to adjust them bigger 2-3 times during the flight otherwise I get severe pins & needles. When I wear flat-knit compression on its own, I do not wear new garments (I learned my lesson the hard way). I’ll wear garments that are used (but not heavily used) and therefore have more stretch to allow for flight swelling. The worst outcome for my legs was when wearing wraps over my flat-knit. (However others I know do that with success).

I would advise that if you wear wraps then bring another compression option in the cabin with you. I always do this mainly because if my luggage gets lost for a day or two I have compression alternative to what I was wearing in flight (which needs washing after arrival at destination). I also have MLD treatment the day before I fly and the day after I arrive in addition to doing SLD the night of my arrival before going to bed.

My Lymphie friend was required to remove her bandages at security control. She made a strong case for why she should not have to remove them but was forced to in order to get through to her flight.

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SamLymphie in reply to CCT67

Thank you.I get pins and needles too sometimes especially when wearing both flat knit hosiery and then wrapping on top, I'd have to remove for a while then put them back on.

I've gone for the flat knit hosiery and sigvaris 1 tights, will probably try wrap it.

Hopefully it's good enough.

Life of a lymphie hey!

I have done both. For me my usual compression stockings are the best option. Wrapping is too risky since with inflight swelling you might have to redo the wraps - and it can be challenging to find the appropriate space for doing this. I’m talking about legs. Maybe easier with arms.

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