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Knee replacement needed on lymphedema leg - asking about OT/PT post-op management


I am having knee replacement surgery on a leg that has lymphedema. I currently use a pneumatic pump for 2-3 hours per day to eliminate swelling, and I wear custom compression hose ordered by a lymphedema OT. My question is for post-op care. Should I use the PT and OT at the lymphedema center in lieu of the surgeon's PT service and hope that he coordinates care with my lymphedema OT? I am more concerned about the lymph than about the knee. Any suggestions or experience with this issue? Thanks.

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I'm having my knee replaced next Wednesday!!!!!

I also have clients who have had the same surgery. Ask your surgeon to liaise with your usual Lymphoedema management team. Are you in the US?

gerald1984 in reply to Lynora

This is all about infection control. I had antibiotics before during and after my knee replacement. No probs

I had a hip replacement earlier in the year and struggled with managing my Lymphodema. The hospital didn't understand the regime I needed. I recommend you get your usual lymph team to liaise with the hospital and to ask for a home visit as close to your return home as possible. If this had happened for me I don't think my leg would have been so difficult. The last LSN newsletter also had an article about post-operative antibiotics to guard against infection.

Good luck with the operation!

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