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Prophylactic Anti-biotics

I take prophylactic anti-biotics permanently at 250mg twice daily, without them I seem to regularly get cellulitis. I'm not sure what the long-term consequences of these meds are. Anyone know?

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I have several clients on life-long a/bs due to recurring cellulitis, and they are doing fine. They eat healthily, and take some supplements; exercise and get on with life.


My father took them for a long term UTI.

They saved his life. It never came back.

As far as I know they did no long term damage at all.

Wishing you lots of Love - Ofcourse


Hello, I say just take of your skin but if you are prone to skin infection you must see you Doctor. Two episodes of skin infection, you could get the supermicrogery. Infection is one tick filling criteria by NHS.


I am on prophphylaxis a/b (Erythromycin ) twice daily but I still get cellulitis about every two to three weeks starts with red blotches on leg then goose bumps them the JKs ( what is JKs ? Jonny Kidd Shakeing all over) knocked out for about 24hs then rest 24/48 hrs then wait for the next flare up.I also have Lymphoedema has any one herd of a device called Revitive? And if so does it work


I started on prophylactic Penicillin about 9 years ago after getting repeated bouts of cellulitis. I was on 250mg twice a day but after 2 years I tried just taking the morning dose and have continued to remain cellulitis-free. Earlier this year I took the plunge and had LVA surgery at Oxford and was told that good management of my leg with compression/self massage/moisturisation and avoidance of cellulitis had kept my skin in good condition and made me a suitable candidate for surgery, so I am so glad I took all these actions. I have just attended my daughter's graduation wearing a nice dress, no stockings and normal shoes for the first time in years, which made me extremely happy! I still wear my stocking routinely but it is so good to know I can now do without it for a while on special occasions when I feel like dressing up. I just wanted to share my good news after all these years...


Thank you, very interesting, I unilaterally decided to cease the anti-biotics earlier this year. Eight weeks later I had the worst bout of cellulitis I have ever had. However, I may try reducing my dose and see what happens.


Yes it did feel a bit of a risk but the BLS consensus document on the management of cellulitis says if you have a year of successful prophylaxis you can try reducing to 250mg so that's what I did - I had had problems with indigestion after taking the evening dose so that was the one I dropped. I always keep in 'emergency antibiotics' especially when I go on holiday, so I can start treatment as soon as I get the warning signs, but so far I haven't needed them - fingers crossed!


Have you found any info/document detailing side-effects of long-term use? I can't find anything.


I believe they can reduce your white blood count I'm having this investigated currently.


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