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LE and needing frequent visits to the loo

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I have primary LE in both feet and ankles and other parts of my body I need to wee every one to two hours which affects my life.

Just wondering does anyone else suffer this way.

If I go out anywhere I can not have a drink unless I am near a toilet.

When I do plan to go out I can not have anything to drink either.

When I wake up as soon as my feet hit the floor I have to rush to the toilet otherwise I wet myself.

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Have you been put on diuretics? Are you taking blood pressure meds? Do you drink enough fluids (yeah - daft question, but need to know!)?

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yorkiebee2 in reply to Lynora

Didn't know blood pressure tablets could affect you like that (I frequently need the loo) I am on Lisinopril and Amlodipine. Should I be raising this with my GP?

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Lynora in reply to yorkiebee2

Yes, definitely worth discussion. Do you have an underlying heart condition? Are you overweight (other than Lymphoedema)?

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yorkiebee2 in reply to Lynora

Yes, I am overweight. I have high blood pressure...

Sounds as though the fluid is moving through you somewhat. That is a good thing. I had the SAPL surgery on my leg a month ago. For the first week, every hour or two I had to go to the bathroom. Fluid was moving out rapidly. While it was a pain(Literally) to go that often. I was glad things were moving out. Take care and good luck.

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Lynne-byn in reply to Snaomi

Glad your feeling better hun 😀

Please don't cut down on drinking especially water. It could have a worse effect. Do you use any pads or panty liners? It could save you the enbarassment if you don't quite make it to the loo in time.

Have you mentioned it to your doctor - it could be some other problem e.g. blood pressure tablets as Lynora said. I kept having to change my blood pressure tablets until they found one that did not cause me incontinence! It was a terrible time. Hope you get sorted soon xx

Yes overweight 16st drink 6 cups of tea daily and 2 glasses of water blood pressure fine just painful back and overactive bladder and 3 visits to the loo at night even when last drink is at 9pm

I have just discovered a herbal 'tablet' called Saw Palmetto. Before I was recommended to this tablet, I had had lymphodema and type II diabetes fot some time. I think I also have prostate problems [I'm waiting for the results of some tests from my GP for that]. Over the last 3 months or so, my visits to the loo have also become a big problem. I have reached a point where it is really tedious to go out anywhere. A few weeks agoI went to see my daughter across the other side of the city, and on the way home I wet myself; now the car absolutely stinks!

It was at this point that I decided I had to do something. After asking lots of questions I was eventually recommended to these tablets, and they seem to be working. I bought mine on Ebay, but if you dont feel comfortable with Ebay, you can buy them in Holland & Barrett [other herbal shops are available!!]

Try it for yourself!

I have a similar problem, though I hardly need to go all day. But as soon as I hit the pillow, I'm up every 2 hours! It means I don't get any deep sleep, so I'm permanently exhausted! Because of other spinal-related problems, I can't exercise, so my weight has exploded from a 12 to a 22 in 3 years!! For daytime, I've also become a Tenna-lady! :(

Yesssssssss, and as I get older ( boy I hate that phrase) but any how yes I have to go potty sometimes 5 times a night. Worse it usually hits me when I am in my wheel chair and hands in hot dish water .

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