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Please help


Hi I have lymphoedema in both bottom legs. I shaved my legs last night not noticing I had small blisters. My legs were bleeding for 1 hour or so. I had to put legs up and I put support baggage on I am afraid to take it off should I go see my G P


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SEE YOUR GP IMMEDIATELY - and please do not shave your legs. Ever. Again! I have seen so much ‘post shave’ cellulitis I could write a book. Instead - make sure your teeth are clean - dazzle people with your smile - no one ever looks at legs!

Perido in reply to Lynora

I've heard that using an electric shaver is OK?

Lynora in reply to Perido

It’s still shaving, so no, just don’t.

fluffytoy1 in reply to Lynora

Thx for your advice called my doctors and after showing him photo. He said there is no infection there lucky

BADFoote in reply to Lynora

I pluck my leg hair. Over time they have gotten fewer and fewer so now I have very little hair left on my legs. I have an electric leg shaver and found it still damaged the delicate lymphodema skin.

fluffytoy1 in reply to BADFoote

Hi plucking must take long time my legs get hairy about every 2 weeks

Get your GP to refer you IMMEDIATELY to a proper Dermatologist. Or if you can go privately, ask the British Assn. Dermatologists for a recognised member in your area. In UK we have some of worst skincare in Europe - the Paris area has more rcognised dermatologists than the whole of UK.

Immac would be good for your legs, this is what i use, although my lymphodema is not so bad now as i have had the oxford linking blood vessels to the lymphatics which has worked a treat. good luck xxxx

fluffytoy1 in reply to 12345-

Thx yes I think I will use immac next time or become a hairery best lol

Lynora in reply to fluffytoy1

I think you may think I’m Mrs Mean - I’m not - honest!

However - Immac or any chemical hair removal cream is also not advised for use. They contain chemicals and perfumes that can be absorbed by the superficial lymphatics - but because the lymphatics are ‘stuck’ (oedema) the toxins cannot be dealt with and end up clogging the smaller lymph vessels deeper in the skin layer.

fluffytoy1 in reply to Lynora

Thank for that great advice will not be using that Thx

The Lymphoedema Support Network suggests using an electric shaver.

I have had Lymphoedema in both legs for twenty five years and I have always shaved mine with an electrical razor but there’s quite a difference between the razors and some are much softer and gentler than others so I find it’s important to try different ones until you find something that you’re comfortable with and do it lightly , always examining yours skin before you start . Personally I’d never use a wet shaver as I do feel that’s too dangerous .

Obviously I wouldn’t shave anywhere near a place if I’d got any blisters or raised areas , for the very reason that you could certainly catch the top and make an open wound where infection can get in causing the dreaded Cellulitis . The bleeding will actually be quite scary if you cut yourself like this because it’s a mixture of blood and lymph and there’s a lot of it and it seems to pour . I accidentally walked into the pedal of a doctors couch a few years ago and it took two medics a long time to stop it from bleeding by applying pressure . You then have to consider whether you take a course of antibiotics as a precautionary measure or wait to see if any cellulitis develops . The one and only time I had cellulitis it was caused by insect bites and was never through any beauty treatments. At that time , I was incredibly poorly within a very short period and required a weeks hospital treatment with 58 lots of intravenous antibiotics so sometimes , one course just as a preventative measure might seem like a good option to consider , which is what my doctor thought at the time but that was based on my history, the damage I’d done to my skin and of course dependant on when I’d last had my last treatment .

Saying all this , the most important thing is to be acutely aware and sensible . The emotional and psychological reality of living with Lymphoedema and still feeling as though you’re an attractive woman is a very fine line to tread and it’s importance is only known and understood by someone who physically has this condition . So although we are told , know and understand about the dos and donts from professionals about our care , we ourselves have to assess our own risks that we feel comfortable with because we are the ones who have to live with it and sometimes the alternative we might feel is just not the best option for us . I personally couldn’t let the hair on my legs grow without any sort of treatment because then I really would feel as though I’d got to hide them away and that’s an awful thing to experience with your own body . Perhaps if I’d never shaved them before then that might have been possible but my legs are bad enough being swollen without having to have them hairy and ugly as well . I regularly have pedicures and my nails painted as well which is also considered a no no and is yet again another situation where you have to take great care but the benefits afterwards for my well being is enormous, so it’s swings and roundabouts . I would never use anything with chemicals in it on my limbs , that’s just too much of a risk and I must point out quite clearly that I’ve really looked after my skin during those twenty five years and it’s in good condition . If it wasn’t , then I’d just leave it alone and concentrate on trying to get it improved .

Hi I read your post I'm so sorry to hear that. If I was you I would see your gp. I have my first appointment at the clinic and my legs are hairy but I'm not shaving again as been told not to get any cuts or Nick's if I can as you dont want any chance of an infection starting. I've brought this veet mousse you put on and use this plastic like spatula to take off then just shower rest off. I hope all goes well for you . All the best .

Everyone will probably slate me I shave my legs with a wet razor use perfumed body butters and paint my toe nails and I have done so since I was a teenager some 40 years ago I have both lymphoedema and lipoedema in both legs and possibly in my left arm but I have only had one bout of cellulitis and that was caused by a podiatrist digging out some pus from my toe. But that's me I rearranged my body riding a motorbike but I got right back on them again

My lymphoedema nurse told me that " hairy legs are healthy legs".

Hrush in reply to Lindalou

I totally agree with this, as shaving may cause some accidental cuts on the legs which are already suffering with swelling from lymphoederma. I have tried to let it go, but my legs feel more uncomfortable when hairy, even very small hair and especially when I am wearing the compression socks. So, I shave them constantly.

However, agree with the statement " hairy legs are healthy legs".

If you have some dermol which is a microbial wash I would put a layer on your legs then with the shower on the gentlest of power spray slowly shower it off. Then with a clean towel or paper towels dab legs dry. This should give you some relief from the shaving. However, shaving with a blunt razor or a rusty razor or even an electric shaver can cause shavers rash. It can also cause infections in the surface layer of skin, however, sometimes people shave harder to get to the hairs at the lowest level because they feel there skin has become discoloured. If this is the case you would be better to see your doctor because darkish discoloured skin can mean the hair follicles are growing in over and causing fellucitis. So shaving in these circumstances will aggravate the condition and can possibly cause cellucitis which is an infection in the skin layers.

In either or circumstance both conditions can be treated although the first may be classed as cosmetic as the removal of ingrowing hairs can only be done by a specialist. Cellucitis is treatable with antibiotics and depending on severity may need to be intravenous.

I think a long time ago my doctor gave me the wrong advice with respect to shaving as he said I should dry shave if I want to shave but my eczema nurse said that under no circumstances should you ever dry shave. If you must shave she advised that it was alright to give oneself a light shave using a moisturiser such as Hydromol or Epaderm but afterwards essential to shower with dermol. Dab the skin dry and apply a top layer of moisturiser ie Hydromol or Epaderm.

Thank you for your kindly response

Oh, sorry to read this. I have lymth. it on my right leg since my childhood and I am always shaving, since I go to beach and cannot leave it just like that... in general, sea is my only relief, my legs feel the best in the sea, but away from direct sun, recommend see all. I had couple of incidents with shaving in my early twenties, however now I am very careful at taking care of my leg.

I plead God's curing hand touches us all now.

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