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I got my first stocking yesterday but it's made my big toe nail red...

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I got my first stocking yesterday. I asked for toeless but there was an error. I thought it would be ok but it's not. It's all red around the nail on my big toe and it's throbbing. Unfortunately I don't think I can wear it. Do you know if I can cut it at the toe until I get some toeless stockings. Can anyone advise what I can do 're my toe? I have an appointment with my GP tomorrow afternoon. I have put some savlon on it for now. Thanks xx

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Hi Eleanor, I wouldn’t wear them if they are uncomfortable and making your toe sore get in touch with your nurse if she gave you them or ask your doctor for open toe to Moro, that’s wat I wear and I have no probs.

Thanks Bev I won't as my toe is still throbbing. I don't think she's in again until Monday. But may need advice 're my toe.

Just keep an eye on your toe to nite and show doc he/she might give you script for open toe stockings if you explain wats happening, let me no how you get on ok

Yes, thanks, I will, I am hoping the toe is better in the morning. I will ring the Beacon Centre in the morning and see if I can speak to anyone to get some advice. Not sure how long it will take to get another one.

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Ask for the replacement to come from Daylong - they send quickly and by post. You have the right to nominate them as provider.


Hi Ellie, Sorry to hear of the error resulting in pain in your toe. If it hurts don’t wear it. The Beacon should be able to easily order you the correct garment as they took your measurements for the first one. Since it was made to measure it will take 1-2 weeks but can be sent to your home rather than you’re going to clinic to get it. Hopefully you’ll have the open toe soon! C x

Hi Cat

I remember receiving a phone call about the size of my feet. I should have realised and said something then. I'm going to see Loraine for check up with measurements. I know we are only allowed two on prescription and any additional ones or styles we have to pay for ourselves. As I am getting swelling around my ankle I need to have the stocking or legging around my foot. Do you know if they make leggings which are modified to include your feet that is non shiny and takes into account your good leg? Which is flattering? Thanks xx The Holiday Inn have cancelled the parking fine. 😊

Hi eleanor, how's ya toe and did you ask doc for open toe compressions?

Hi Bec

Thanks, I'm being measured again on Thursday. The lymphedema clinic rang me back and have squeezed me in, thankfully. They said to unpick the toe area. My GP said cut it. I did a mixture of both. I'm wearing it now toes are fine thankfully now. The stocking seems to be falling down about an inch and a half. But this is probably the way I'm putting it on. I will ask the lymphedema nurse to check for me. It isnt shaped around my thigh which i think they are planning to adjust in the prescription. At least my toes are ok. I was very worried. Savlon helped. Thanks for your advice much appreciated xx

No probs, as long as you got sorted that's wat the gang are here for to help and support each other.


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