dark spots on skin on the knee and back of the knee

Hello everyone... My fysio and me noticed some darker spots on the skin (area knee and back of the knee). First I thought this was from dry skin (which I have regularly due to primary le). But then I realised it is from the pressure on those spots from my compression stockings. I read already that it can go away with some oil , or with lemon rubbed over it regularly. But maybe some one here has other tips? Could lemon do harm? It is the region where the nodes are.

Anyway, every extra side effect from lymphedema (and especially from being very consistent in preventing it to get worse by wearing these stockings all the time) is one too much. So every tip is welcome.... Thank you

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  • What did your therapist think had caused this? I would get it checked before trying any any bleaching techniques. Is the garment causing bruising?

  • Hey. yes it is because of the compression stocking that pushes (everyday ) on this spot. i googled dark spots on knee and there you find fe people having this after working on their knees...

    but in my case it is the stocking what gives similar effect. it is not pretty to see...

  • Do you apply moisturizer to your limb every day? I would recommend that you do not use any form of skin bleaching, but simply apply a good quality moisturizer every evening, after you have washed and dried the limbs. What sort of garments are you wearing? Some providers can put a silk insert inside the garments to prevent pressure points, especially around the knee, ankle area.

  • Hey

    i have started with moistering so far no result but maybe it takes time. i think now they are from mediven but class 3 and i wear them from when i wake up till i go to bed. i guess the pressure is there always from bending the knee. do you know which one provide silk pieces? that sounds good ! Thank you very much for your reply!!!

  • Ask your therapist about the garments with silk inserts - I know that Juzo offers this, but so do some of the other manufacturers.

    If you are wearing your garments all the time, then I would recommend you don't attempt to bleach the skin - just monitor the marks for any changes, and tell your therapist that you are worried about them.

  • It's hyperpigmentation. I have them too. My skin has now become very sensitive & so my compression stockings left marks at ankles. Even plasters, needles and bites cause me to have brown marks. It upsets me as my skin is varying marks.

  • Hey thanks for your reply...there is nothing that you can do about it? It is because of the compression or the lymphedema? Or you have it everywher?

    I am sensitive too on my skin having a mosquito bite on it very red for weeks ?! I hope there is something to do on it. My legs start to look like my grandmothers and i dont even have kids :)

  • Hey everybody, just a quick update. I started to dry brush the areas in the morning and before going to bed. After that I applied Biotona (a kind of greasy lotion) and some months later (yes I needed to be patient) the marks are almost gone!

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