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So as some of you may know I was planning to have the SAPL surgery on my leg end of November. I cancelled because I needed more time after another recent surgery and decided to go to another therapist and try to reduce my leg more with MLD. Was so disheartened after a week of therapy and no reduction. Not even a tiny bit. In fact it went up slightly. My therapist emailed me today Sunday and said after reviewing my case he really thinks I am a good candidate for the SAPL surgery and should proceed with it. I'm really kind of bummed out because I really was hoping not to do the surgery. Well guess I will reschedule for January or February . Feeling a lititle disheartened. :(

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Were you having daily bandaging as well as MLD during your treatments with the therapist? Do you have primary or secondary Lymphoedema?


Lynora I have primary in left leg. yes I had bandaging every day. was so disappointed. My therapist teaches the wrap and massage. He said this is the first time he has encountered someone who did not respond.


Snaomi - have sent you a PM.


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