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Mobility & MLLB of lower legs


Next week I am starting 3 weeks of MLLB of my lower legs. Can anyone give me advice & tell me what to expect re. mobility, pain, etc.

This probably seems rather trivial but after so much surgery & other treatments this one is very new to me. I have had my "fat right leg" for 16 years & after scans told "it's a lymphatic problem, nothing can be done you'll have to learn to live with it".

Thank you.

Cathy x

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Has your clinic given you an idea of what products they will be using? I use Coban2 on my clients - really easy to wear and they continue normal life - work etc. There can be difficulties if the feet are a problem, in which case, they take a week or so off work. When the legs reduce volume, I measure them for smaller garments. Are you getting manual lymph drainage too?


Hi Catwalk40

Multi-layer Lymphoedema Bandaging is used to try and reduce the swelling in your leg/s. It is the intensive part of management of Lymphoedema before you go into compression hosiery. The idea is that the bandages can be changed daily, or several times a week, (depending on the type used) as your legs reduce in volume. There should be no pain involved, your legs will feel comfortable and supported. You will be expected to exercise to your abilities in the bandages to encourage maximum lymphatic flow. You cannot drive in some types of bandages and need to consider footwear as it is unlikely you would be able to get your normal shoes on. If you have your limb volume taken before and at the end of treatment you will be able to see how much volume you lose. Patients often say, "it was fine at first, but then the bandages started slipping down". Well that's great, it means the leg is getting smaller! Good luck and do report how you get on.


Hi Cathy Catwalk

I had the very treatment this time last year. My right leg reduced from 55% to 23% - total of 3litres fluid - gone - was worth it.

I found it odd but manageable:

I went to hospital mon-fri for 3 weeks & twice I think in the fourth week . Tiring doing that every day - had my shower at hospital every day as nurse removed bandages, I had my shower, lymphatic massage & bandaged up again -2 -2.5hrs.

You need to think about clothes - I couldn't get trousers on - I bought a couple of wide dresses (cheap)- a bit like ones a lot if people wear on holiday

M&s stay up stockings are good for putting over top

I wore a pair of my other halfs trainers as couldn't get mine on - I wear 6/39 and wore 9/43 - was a struggle -

It looks like you have a broken leg - people were very sympathetic on the bus / I felt like a fraud as not painful during the day - achy bit you get used to it.

Not being able to bend is awkward but ok

Not painful at night but my leg ached ++++over night and I had too get up several times in the night and walk around just to get the blood moving - also took paracetamol a few times. (I have a very god pain threshold - 2 babies & no pain relief). Would trade a couple of nights sleep for results anytime.

I was told that I had to walk for 30-40 minutes every day - I was very slow to start with but was run/hobbling got bus by the end...

I was very tired during this month

Loved my new leg afterwards - v v emotional time

Don't know if you have ever had a broken limb but afterwards I imagine it's the same. I am now 49 and I run for exercise. I found running v hard for a couple of weeks - your muscles aren't so strong I guess but ok after a couple of weeks

Good luck & let us know how you get on

X Debi


Hi Cathy

I forgot to mention in post above;

Definitely can't drive

I had to take amonth of work, I have a job where I could work a bit from home but I was at hospital every morning, & that i was too tired anyway. I wouldn't have liked my work colleagues to see me like that as I had had cancer 2years before so only just getting treated 'normal' again

Also you have to elevate leg when sitting which is difficult to do all the time at work

It does feel strangely comfortable when all bandaged up

Good luck


Hi Cathy Catwalk

How did your treatment go?


Hi Debi,

I was really pleased with how things went as was quite sceptical as had had had for so long & told to live with it

After just under 3 weeks of MLLB I have lost 8 cms of my right calf (the 1 that has always been the problem) & 3 cms off the left which I didn't know was starting along with 1.36 litres of fluid. Needless to say I am very impressed & I put my lower leg compression socks on as soon as I get up & take off when I go to bed.

The Lymphology Centre staff & Denise were very pleased with how things had gone.

Needless to say I am a card carrying member of the LSN & was surprised at how much of the info & leaflets have Denise's name on.

Hope you are doing well & thank you so much for asking. It is much appreciated.

Take care,

Cathy xx


Hi Cathy

I am so happy for you, amazing results. We are so lucky with the care that we have access too - I was the same about the therapist that I see - I was so impressed with her knowledge

I had my 6month appointment on Friday - got on ok - trying different brand of stockings as one I have been using is good but can be a bit uncomfortable -also using the toe glove which is absolutely amazing

Enjoy your new pins 😃

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