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Hello, I have had itching in my lower legs for years, used cream for dry skin but tried to cope. I now have Lymphoedema on both legs, after having surgery for Cancer and the Lymph nodes removed from both sides of my pelvis, and wear compressions. The itching is really bothering me. I have to remove my compressions and I just want to scratch my legs so badly but try very hard not to. I have hydrocortisone cream but try not to use it. Has anyone got any advice, I would be so grateful.

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Use the hydrocortisone if it has been prescribed - it can help.

There are a number of emollients available, including on prescription, that can be applied - usually at night after the compressions come off. You can use Epaderm Cream as a wash on the legs - pat them dry, and allow to ‘air dry’, or give a short boost with a hair dryer on cool, before donning the garments.

Rather than scratching yourself like a cat on a sofa, find an old silk scarf and stroke the skin with it.

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Thankyou so much Lynora. I'm on the waiting list now for a knee replacement and my Consultant has said I really need to make sure the skin is fine on that leg. I am having a rough time with the itching so thought I'd 'reach out'. I will get some Epaderm Cream AND a silk scarf 😊

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Hi AuntyJean15,

Choose creams which don't contain perfume, parabens or hydroxybenzoate as these can irritate the skin.

Wash compression garments using a non-biological, perfume free, dermatologically tested product designed for sensitive skin and rinse very well.

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Hello and thanks for the information.I wash my Compressions by hand so will check the soap contents. 😊

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I feel for you, as I have had itchy legs driving me up the wall! Finally got them under control by using products made abroad under guidance from US, French, Japanese etc. cancer hospitals (strange that we don't have similar products in Britian). I found six different companies, all on sale in UK - and mention these on look for skincare and/or lymphoedema and good luck.

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Hi, I've taken a peek at the website. Will sit and spend more time on it this afternoon.A good reason for putting my feet up. 😉

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Hi Aunty Jean, I don't know if they will ship to the UK . The body wash was formulated by an Angel! The minute I lathered some on in the shower the itching stopped. The cream is ok but the body wash is what did it for me . I developed lymphoedema due to Graves disease ,the itching can be unbearable at times to put it mildly. Please look into it and good luck!

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