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For the last few days my legs have been really agitated and driving me crazy had me up at 4 this morning as they keeping me awake, I have been using my cream and wearing my compression stockings and still pacing the floor all day.

What else can I do 😳

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Hi in what way are your legs "driving you mad?" - you poor thing. Do you have definite diagnosis of Lymphoedema? There is a condition called Phlebitis that causes a horrible sensation in legs, I think particularly at night, - has a GP checked you thoroughly? Before getting a Lymphoedema diagnosis you should first see a vascular nurse/specialist to rule out vein problems, they check for circulation, pulses etc. Hope you find out what this is as it sounds horrible for you. Good luck. X

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Hi, I have bilateral full leg lymphoedema, I have had diagnosis and had pulse and circulation check, they are itch and tingling like pins and needles as so as I relax and sit or lie down just can't get comfy, got my next app with nurse 4th Jan.

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I have that also but im afraid i havent found anything that can help at the minute but just know your not alonr

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Hi there, I think you have 'restless legs'. I have this and it's horrible, but there are a couple of things that really work. First, get yourself a bottle of schweppes tonic water and take a good couple of swigs of that before bed or when it happens - this contains quinine which settles the problem. Also buy some iron from the chemist and take one every few days as an additional measure. REALLY WORKS.

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Hi Bev, just wanted to say you're not alone I was awake in the early hours with the same problem. My GP recommended tonic water but I think mine gets aggravated when I have over done things. I hope you get a good nights sleep tonight

Sounds like restless leg syndrome to me too. I have decaf coffee (any decaf drinks will do) now and it makes all the difference. Try it and see. Hope things improve xx

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Dont like coffee only drink yorkshire tea lol xx

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Yes contains caffeine too x

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Sorry last reply should have said tea contains caffeine

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Sounds like restless legs aggravated by compression garments but there is no option on that one. Tonic water and we were told bananas might help. Go online and see what it says plus your GPS and LE nurse. Good Luck.

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Hi patsy, it is restless legs and i take tramadol for it but last few days and nights still been getting it.

In to see nurse 3 weeks time so i will mention it.

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And i cant eat banans as they give me bad stomach pains but only til recently.

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Hi Bev I have had restless legs I don't think it has anything to do with the lymphodema as I have had it for years and never found anything to help it hope it calms down for you xx

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I was just about to get in the shower and I had a feeling that water was running down the inside of my thighs past my knees has anyone had this before, I had just had a pee and thought I hadn't dabbed my self properly but my legs were dry 🤔

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I went in a lift on Friday and when the lift was going up it felt like water was running up my legs.I was in The lift myself so I said to my pal about it she was laughing so I said to her come down in the lift with me she's scared in a lift but she came with me and I said I feel like I'm going to pee myself with the feeling that the water was running down my legs I had to get her to check my trousers as I really felt I had piddled myself it was not a nice feeling I will be asking the nurse when I go to get my tights fitted xx

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I've had this awful thought was leaking from somewhere lol honestly tho I was same as you

Well, up again with twitchy legs, hubby snoring in ear and dog snoring at the bottom of bed, by I wish I was single my life would be so much easier.

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Hidden my legs and feet are extremely painful of late. Ca,not properly but wonder if it is the weather. For me it is a deep muscle ache. Went to vad c u large surgeon today to rule out pad. He ruled it out and is going to do ultra sound, but he really thinks it is the lymphedema. Can only hope when I do surgery in Feb it will help. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.

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