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Lymphoedema - both lower legs


I have lower leg Lymphoedema which I got from a cut on both legs whilst gardening in 2008. It went cellulolytic, put me in hospital for a week and my legs ballooned to twice their normal size along with my waist. I was a 40- 42 inch waist and 18 inch calves and have now ended up 58 inch waist with both calves measuring 30 inches and I'm not yet 50.

Trousers and Jeans are impossible to find even in big men's stores and high street catalogue companies. The legs are all tight and are made for thin straight legs. I need tailored trousers 'not jog pants' : dose anyone in the UK manufacture/tailor gents trousers or have a solution to this trouser problem please?

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Could you find a local tailor to make you trousers 'bespoke'?

What about or

Try Premier Man part of JDWIliams group for large size clothing. Hope you find what you need.

Hi Richard

I have both swollen knees ankles and feet,i was a size 30 but i was solid i had to get the weight down as i lost my son age 44 this year natural causes,it sent alarm bells i have lost 2 and a half stone since April.

Sorry strayed of topic on line is a shop called Yours clothing,they are very generous with there sizes i always get wide leg,for the swelling on the knees and feet,Yours clothing have just opened a men's department,they are very wide,i now have to have the waist taken in with loosing weight and the legs do feel better for loosing weight but still very big,take a look on line worth a try.

Hope this helps


I too would recommend looking at JD Williams their wide leg trousers are W I D E and they go up to a size 32/34 and are very stylish. Premier man are very good but having bought for my husband there wouldn't think that their trousers are very wide. But there are a few good companies out there if you search on the Internet. Since suffering with lymphedema myself I also find Cosyfeet shoes a godsend just as a by the way. Good luck.

Can't answer for mens trousers but I get shoes and boots from shoe tailor/ just don't Williams as they do an excellent range of wide fittings.

Sorry but lympho is not

caused by gardening, your GP should refer you to a lymphoedema clinic so they can assess you and try and get that swelling down. Are you on water tablets? If not then your GP should put you on them.

JD Williams which is also Premier Man are very good with their sizes. I think they go upto a waist 60. Good luck.

I agree it would be benificial for the LE clinic to advise. It's apparent the lympho wasn't caused by gardening but obviously his lymphatic system became impaired and started presenting with Lymphoedema as the result of trauma to it from cuts/infection.

Water tablets are generally no longer considered the best Lymphoedema management protocol according to many Lymphoedema specialists. They were prescribed in the days before LE became understood as not simple water retention. In saying that if anyone has been taking them for many years they should not abruptly stop but taper down under GP supervision. If they benefit you then perhaps stopping isn't preferential, however it's important for readers to be aware that other forms of LE management are considered safer and more effective at draining fluid/lymph - speak with a LE specialist nurse for advice as GPs are not nearly as knowledgable.

If you have access to or these two sellers have slacks pants jeans everything you could want or need. I am a super plus size gal with a waist for about 60 inches who knows the rest of my measurements. So give these two places a try. I know the sell and ship internationally.

Good luck and hang in there. I know what double lower limb lymphodeoma is about as I have been suffering from this myself.

From Mundelein IL USA

These people are very good and have a good selection.

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