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A feeling of fluid running down my legs.

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I have written this post before but I can't actually see that I did post it (it's an age thing) For some time now I have the feeling of fluid running down what feels like the outside of my legs. There is never anything there. Does this happen to any of you.

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Morning, yes it happened to me a couple of weeks ago when I was just about to get in the shower I felt my leg but was bone dry, it's weird.

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The feeling of water running down your leg is actually a good thing . It is the lymphatic fluid moving . It is a very strange sensation but indicates that you have made the fluid move which will stop the fluid from building up in your leg , and so cause it to swell.

I often get this feeling after massaging the areas affected by my lymphoedema and know when it occurs that all my hard work at keeping the fluid moving has paid off.

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barney22 in reply to Suzymay

That is fine but when your legs are already huge with fluid it makes it worse.

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I have this feeling but on the inside of the leg

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magplumber in reply to Brandish54

Me three. Every time i move i feel it sloshing inside.

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Flora333 in reply to magplumber

I always describe mine as a sloshing sensation too!

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Mine is anywhere from top to bottom .

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Heyy, have you found any reason yet

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No when I mention it I am looked at like the village idiot.!!!!!

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I will raise it in my next appointments. One medic I hv is fantastic at understanding circulation etc. Really cardiologists should know but I haven't one anymore. I'll ask metabolic specialist but I'd think more cardiology as they cover circulatory issues.

I have nearly constant sciatica in that side of which I feel this warm liquid movement too.

I feel its more my thyroid regarding temperature and because my leg is cold but warm liquid movement. In fact mine has only started since readjusting my over medicated levothyroxine. As anyone also hv thyroid problems as well as this sensation?

I get the same feeling when my wee is warmer than my body on secretion. Similar sensation, for sure.

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MCT81 in reply to ickihun

So I just started googling looking for some indication of why I have this feeling like water is being poured down my leg. Literally I jump thinking my kids juice box is leaking and it’s strange because my levothyroxine was just adjusted... I see you had similar situation?

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Scruffy2 in reply to MCT81

I've had the same problem of water running down my leg. However, I also had sciatica in same leg. The ankle also was swollen but I massage it and it's gone down. I take thyroid medication also.

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Life-house11 in reply to ickihun

I have a thyroid problem as well (hypo) and recently changed my dose. I’m having the feeling of water running down my inner leg. Anyone figure it out yet?

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Laurelin in reply to ickihun

Yes. I have hypothyroidism & Lymphedema in both feet & legs & genitalia. I take Levothyroxine. I also take Iodine along with the Levothyroxine.

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Laurelin in reply to Laurelin

I have the sensation of water/urine running down my inner thighs to my knees, but skin is dry! Am I feeling fluid on the inside of my thighs? I also feel fluid on outer legs too at times, or will feel like entire leg is wet, especially left leg. Have had Lymphedema in left leg & foot since 1998. Left shoe always tight! But now Lymphedema in both legs & feet. If I don't wear compression stockings, after a few hours my feet swell.

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I had vascular eczema with lymphedema and had the same sensation especially when my legs were bandaged. I was convinced the bandages would be soaking wet but they were dry.

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ickihun in reply to PenelopeW

I had a similar feeling on endoscope leaving my throat after investigation for oral blood squirts. No blood on scope but definitely felt wet but luckily just normal.

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Yes .. It just started with me.. but the feeling is from my groin running down my Left Thigh.. Mainly after sitting..... Have you ever got an answer as to what it is ? But feels like it's inside the thigh ?

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Louisville in reply to GenaBaby

This happened to me and shortly after I had the same feeling in my abdomen and within seconds I felt the worse pain ever. In the hospital I was diagnosed with rectus sheath hematoma. Doc didn't see the connection.

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Gerbear in reply to Louisville

Sensation of water dripping on legs can very well be arachnoiditis. Very serious

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Blue2703 in reply to Gerbear

Have you been diagnosed with it?

I just started feeling the water trickling down. How serious is it? I'll be waiting to see how I go this week then will go doctors

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Yolzyyy in reply to Gerbear

You’re right I looked it up like 10 times and it matches with the symptoms. I get electric shocks too and tingling with the hot water dripping sensation

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It is serious. I am in stage 3 right now. 👍

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Does it get worse? What's treatment for it?

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There is no cure for arachnoiditis. Just a lot of pain management and going to other speciality doctors 😥

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I have been diagnosed with a bakers cysts which is basically fluid filled sac behind the knee ... They can form for various reasons, but they will actually leak at times and the sensation feels as is fluid is running down the leg on the outside skin.... Weird Huh .... Hope this helps.

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Shellabe in reply to Secgo

I had a ligament repaired an started feeling this about 2 years after. it happens regular an 2 tiny bakers cyst showed up on MRI b4 I had surgery so I'm guessing it's them causing this sensation!

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I have this too every now and then on my inside thigh (I was convinced I had wet myself at one point!) I hope it is the lymph moving around 🤞

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Blue2703 in reply to Angelil

Has the feeling returned since, if so have you visited your doctor?

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Angelil in reply to Blue2703


I had the sensation quite often when the lymphoedema was first developing. It was reported to the nurse along with other symptoms during my initial assessment and she didn’t comment too much on it. Once I started wearing compression and massaging and got on top of the condition, the sensation never came back 😄

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Blueiz in reply to Angelil

I’m encouraged the water trickling down your leg sensation improved with massage treatment and compression.

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I'm having this same problem with the internal liquid running down my legs. I have asked several of my doctors but still not able to get to the bottom of the problem. The last one thinks it might be associated with the nerves.

I'm still feeling frustrated, but will keep looking for a specialist that can help.

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Nay02 in reply to Spice84xx

Have you gotten a answer yet I have the exact same feeling like water going throw my left legs every morning this happens to me is so weird

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Blue2703 in reply to Nay02

Are you still having the same sensation?

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Mokaw in reply to Spice84xx

Have you gıtten an answer yetİ feel like you in mu right leg

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This sensation has absolutely nothing to do with lymph fluid moving around as some have said in response. This sensation is neurological and can be caused by many different things. An inflammation of the membranes surrounding the spine (arachnoiditis) commonly causes this as does multiple sclerosis. Other nervous system related issues can cause this sensation as well so it would be best to see a neurologist to make sure what exactly the cause is.

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YES,ODD AS IT SOUNDS. I HAVE THE SAME FEELING ON BOTH LEGS ALL THE TIME. It's like water dripping outside of skin,but nothing is there. This is common for myself,having large amounts of adem at times up op as high as my thigh at time. It ls like water seeps out of my eye sockets also,sprinkles on eye lashes and under my clothes . like s mall flea or something is on me . This is not cool cause to other s it looks as though inhave the junkie itch going. It drags self esteem out of you.

Barney: It looks like you originally posed the question about the feeling of fluid/water running down your legs and yet it's dry when you touch the area quite some time ago. I hope that by now you have been able to find an answer to your question, but if you haven't my post was to try to give you an answer even though I pray that you don't have Adhesive Arachnoiditis. If you haven't been able to resolve your problem yet, please make a list of all your health issues and try to document when you have had the problem (example: back pain with the pain running down your legs and it started 2 years ago) and take it to your compassionate doctor that will listen and give you the time to go over your list. If you have a long list try to prioritize the list and put the symptoms that cause you the most pain and concern at the top of your list. I will try to check this site when I can to see if you have been to get some answers. Take care.

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I recently started having this sensation in just one leg. It's every few minutes though. Can you tell me how your condition started?

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Noahjayne in reply to Vdeck

Did you ever figure out what it is? I feel this on the back of my leg a few times every hour. Its been happening all week and have no idea what is happening.

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Yes. I feel like there's water coming down my leg but nothing is there when I check. I am puzzled why it is happening.

Oh my goodness finally someone out there that has expressed what I felt when i had a DVT in my left leg 10 years ago. I was prescribed warfarin for 6 months and I used to tell the doctors this and they used to look at me as if I was daft. Thanks barney22 for making me feel like i am not a crank!

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Cricketm77 in reply to Harleydavidson1969

Hey I have had this feeling in my left thigh for almost 9 month when I stand up mostly. It started right after I suddenly swelled up like a puffer fish my doctors couldn’t figure it out. I was thinking I have a DVT because he other day my left calf was sore for no reason as well. Can you tell me about how you got diagnosed and who to see thanks in advance

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arnesoc3 in reply to Cricketm77

I have what I think might be similar. Started last year noticing my foot felt tight, then started noticing swelling in calf, eventually up in thigh and now I notice it in both legs, stomach slightly worse on R side. I get the feeling of fluid moving down my R leg when sitting and when I elevate my legs I can feel the fluid moving back up. Painful feeling in right thigh when sitting at my desk for work. I have had so many tests, imaging blood work and no one can figure it out. Had two tests to rule out DVT as well. It’s maddening.

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SpencerT in reply to arnesoc3

I have a really messed up back and have finally seen a neurosurgeon and will most likely have surgery because I can only walk for under ten min. at a time. In the past few weeks I have been feeling like water is running down my right leg and sometimes a feeling of a thread of electricity or heat running down inside my leg. When I mentioned it to the surgeon he said something like yes that's common with my situation. I didn't ask him what exactly what it was because at that point I was finding out what he wanted to do to fix me. I am on gabapentin for nerve pain in the meantime from my pcp. Just wondering if it could be a back problem in your case, as well. I had x-rays, then lumbar mri and getting a cat scan next before final decision from the surgeon.

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Sylyria12345 in reply to arnesoc3

Have you figured out what this could be? I have been having the exact same thing as you in nearly that exact order, even the R side part. I've so many tests done, and DVT check about 3 times now but those came out normal. It is driving me insane.

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Cumbyyamylord in reply to Sylyria12345

Hi there ive been reading down the comments and yours seems the earliest. I have what you have but have no idea what to do about it i was hoping you could shed some light. X

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Yes to me as well ,daily , no idea why , strange feeling though

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Did anyonnnnnne get an answer..my doctor thinks it’s my muscle..I told her but it feels like water dripping! (my way of saying are u fucking serious?) I read this

Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, is a common cause of poor blood circulation. Many other causes of poor circulation, such as obesity, smoking, sedentary lifestyle, and diabetes increase the risk of atherosclerosis, which makes this condition particularly important to address.

Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD): PAD is a disease that affects veins and arteries outside of the heart and brain. It's caused by atherosclerosis, which restricts blood flow to all extremities, but particularly the legs and feet. This disease can pose severe circulation problems.

Venous Insufficiency: Venous insufficiency can happen at any age but is prevalent as we age due to damage or weakening of veins. It leads to fluid in the feet, engorged veins, edema, and potentially DVT, which result in circulation issues.

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For me it has too do with too tight fascia, so stretching is the answer for me.

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Hi, just to add another voice. 18 years ago I went to my GP because I had the sensation of water dripping down the inside of my right leg. No other symptoms & no pain. After a year it went away.Then, 9 years ago my right leg started swelling.

4 years ago I was diagnosed with primary Lymphedema.

Just a couple months ago I had SAPL to remove 4 liters of fluid & tissue in my leg.

And, this week for the first time, I started getting the sensation of water running down the inside of my right leg again!

I’ll also mention I work out daily and do yoga which I’ve done for many years - no chronic pain except sometimes from the Lymphedema.

The only(non Lymphedema) correlation I can think of is that I think I had a small ovarian cyst rupture (I get them every 4-5 years), but it’s been almost 17 years since having this sensation.

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Join the club Barney.

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Please help! A few days ago whilst driving, I felt, what I thought was blood running down the outside of my left calf...it was so real I pulled my jeans up to see what it was...nothing there? This happens twice this week and just now I got out of the shower, dried myself completely and felt water running down the same place...I looked and went to towel dry my leg...nothing there? It’s bizarre...I googled this and found your thread! Any advice? What is it?

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Arachnoiditis is a disease with this symptom like cold water running down your legs or the feeling that there's a bug crawling on you when there isn't.

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Yes same feeling. Only when I start walking for any length of time. Drs think I'm crazy. This has been going on for years. It seems to lessen when I get an adjustment by Chiropractor.

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Yes. My entire legs & feet & genitalia feel constantly wet. Have figured out that I'm feeling fluid that's on the inside of my skin, not the outside of my skin. But it certainly feels like it's on the outside of my skin. Such a yucky feeling. And these sensations are with me 24/7! I messaged the National Lymphedema Network about my symptoms and asked them if it was Lymphedema. They said I should see a Lymphedema Physical Therapist & gave me a link to a directory of them. Fortunately, there is 1 in my town! My doctor is willing to refer me. The majority of doctors know very little about Lymphedema. It's hard to get a dr. to diagnose it. There are few Lymphedema specialists. Some vascular surgeons know about it. I feel for you. We're in the same boat.

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