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Restless legs

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Hi all just wondering if anyone suffers from restless legs I am about of my head with them tonight I feel so agitated I have had it before but nothing like it is tonight I have been trying for the last couple of nights not to have anything on my legs like pj bottoms but my legs are frozen they are like two blocks of ice had socks on but they were annoying me just had some muscle relaxant tablets to see if they work moaning bleeding woman tonight again sorry x

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Having de-caff coffee worked for me. I didn't have the coldness though - it cold be a circulation issue - may need to see your GP. I hope it improves

Hi Liz

Have you tried taking magnesium before you go to bed? I have bilateral primary LE in my feet and entire legs - for decades I have had restless legs which is hugely alleviated by taking magnesium and calcium (calcium helps it abdorbe properly). Magnesium is a natural muscle relaxant and most people don't get sufficient daily magnesium through food intake. The best quality brands are Viridian High Potency and Terra Nova Magnesium-Calcium blend. Its wirth the expense as high street brands have lots of fillers in the tablets and not pure, absorbable nagnesium. It is crucial to take highly absorbable magnesium or you are wasting your money! I take 700-800 mgs before bed. It makes huge difference in reducing restless legs

If you haven't taken magnesium supplement before then don't start a high dose (work up from 2-300) as you will have have very soft stools by starting high (as it's a muscle relaxant).

I also do self-MLD before bed as draining my trunk and legs helps reduce restlessness. In the night if il restless I do self MLD for 5-10 mins with lots of abdominal breathing which helps drain lymph fluid. This really helps too.

I know the extreme frustration, discomfort and sleeplessness that comes with restless legs so hopefully these suggestions help you as they have me.

If you don't know how to do proper diaphragmatic breathing and self MLD on your legs take a look at these good instructional videos which give proper well explained technique by a qualified MLD therapist.

Take care

Cat xx

Hi Liz, quinine helps a lot so get a bottle of Indian tonic water and take a couple of good swigs before bed. You can also get this in tablet form from the gp. Iron is also good and a combo of both usually works for me. I feel your pain, it's the most horrible sensation. Magnesium is said to be good too but didn't work as well as the above. Oh and I find Schweppes tonic to be best believe it or not. Maybe it has more quinine - no idea!

I use Magnesium which works for me 500mg daily

I to have restless legs or rather I did until my GP put me on tablets for it. What a turn around they really work well. Isn't it strange that a lot of symptoms when discussed among people with Lymphodema are due to or coincide with the problem.

Aching Leg Gel from Boots Alternatives range works for me. It is marketed for tired legs but it seems to stimulate the circulation and gets rid of the problem.

I massage magnesium lotion (from Holland and Barrett) into my legs, ankles and feet, i started using it for cramp then realised that the restless leg 'problem' had gone away as well. There's also a magnesium oil which works just as well but has a slightly sticky feeling.

I am so grateful for all the advice on this thread - I get restless legs that starts about 9pm every night and it drives me to distraction. I have just run out of Magnesium capsules but normally take about 600mg a day along with Calceos (Calcium and Vit. D) given for Osteoporosis. Oh Boy do I notice the lack of Magnesium! Might try to Lotion mentioned from Holland & Barrett as well so thanks to all of you. :)

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Hi, I take tramadol 150mg slow release one every 12 hours they work for me but I used to walk up and down during the night on a cold floor that seamed to ease it as well.

Thank you everyone for reading and replying to me.I have the doctor phoning me tomorrow.Barney 2 what kind of tablets did you get for it I have rhayns disease in my hands and feet that's how I get cold so quickly I take nifidipine for that.Once again Thank you all x

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Raynauds you mean lol 😭 xx

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right smarty pants lol 😁

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Yep that's me lol xx

I know what you mean drives me nuts you try to relax and keep having to move your legs all the time I usually just stand and move about for a while even though I just sat down because I was knackered so so frustrating

I don't sleep well I get two hours at the most then I am up for the rest of the night I go back up about six and hubby gets up to put the boys out to school then I get another two hours then up get a cup of tea and back up for another two hours

Are you getting enough water? this may sound simplistic but it worked for me... I drink about 3 qts per day now, starting with a quart upon waking. My sister had the same thing and it worked for her too...

I haven't but I shall give it a go anything is worth a try

Pramipexole works wonders cant tell you the relief I get with this drug. Its on prescrpton.

I am waiting on the doctor phoning me I have a wee list for him sounds silly but I always remember something after I have seen him also going to see if he can give me some support tights till the appointment comes from the clinic.I don't know if this has anything to do with the lymphodema but I have lost my appetite I don't eat well at the best of times but a biscuit and I am full wish this appointment would hurry up and come in x

Yes lizmurphy61, Some nights I experience restless leg syndrome and also feel ice cold from mid calf to toes. I have to be careful not to burn the skin when using a hot water bottle so now have fleece covers for those.

I have tried reading to take my mind off the sensation; then try to sleep again using a tape recorded comedy show (The Navy Lark) which tends to send me to sleep as I know the script and it lessens anxiety. It also switches itself off so I don't have electrical sound waves near my bed all night.


I have restless legs quite a lot read on these messages about tonic water I had word with nurse told her my problem she said the reason my legs are doing this is that the muscles are trying to cramp also the reason why tonic water works is that it has quinine in and that is a muscle relaxer tried tonic water and worked one more problem less to deal with

I have battled this for over 35 years. Crampax was good, no longer available. Hylands pills worked initially, not now. Tonic water at night and a banana can help and or a milky de-cafe coffee. When you lay down to sleep and it kicks in, spray your ankles with a coolant spray, the opposite, to deep heat. Instantaneous relief. Works 8/10 times.

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