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Any link between lympheodema and Baker's cyst, also called a popliteal cyst

From being in Farrow wraps 24/7, my legs and feet have reduced in size and it is much easier to walk. I now have compression stockings [closed toe] but find my left leg needs to be wrapped a few days a week as it swells up again quite quickly. Before starting with the wraps, I had a Baker's Cyst in my right knee - v painful and made walking very very difficult. It got better in the months of wrapping but I wasn't walking much - now my knee is playing up again - does anyone know if there is a link between lympheodema and Baker's Cysts?

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I dont think there is a link in that a bakers cyst can cause lymphedema but it can make the condition more painful especially if its large. I had a golf ball size bakers cyst aspirated at the doctors office which seemed to help with my knee pain in my affected leg. It took about 5 minutes to do. Make sure they know you have lymphedema if you get something similar done as they can give you antibiotics to prevent infection since a needle is injected behind the knee.

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Hi there.

I've got a cyst in my ankle and have had a pilonidal cyst.

I'm thinking that we are subjected to cysts because of fluid retention.

Gotta keep moving

God bless :)



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