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Training to become a therapist to help your child

Hi All, my 10 year old son developed primary lymphoedema 2 years ago in his left lower leg. He had a lymphoscintigraphy done at the time which showed severely delayed uptake in left leg and normal uptake in his right. 5 months ago his right lower leg swelled and is now considerably bigger than his left. He had another lymphoscintigraphy shortly after the right leg swelled and basically the dye never left either foot. He goes to St Georges every three months and is measured for compression garments. i take him swimming 3 times a week and have been shown SLD. Kinesio taping doesn't work at all as the tape curls up within hours of application. He has pitting oedema in both lower legs and feet, upper legs now looking 'chunky' and both buttocks starting to jut out, i also suspect abdominal lymphoedema. He can't really run anymore and sometimes limps when walking. Basically, everything has accelerated so quickly in the last 5 months. i'm desperate to do more and wondered if anyone has trained as a therapist to treat their own child. i work full time so can't go on an extended course. i am also a nurse. i've checked online and it looks pretty expensive and as I don't work in the field i worry that i may get a lot of theoretical knowledge (which I already know a lot of) and not enough practical experience to treat my son successfully. Any and all advice gratefully received.

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Hi Similia

I am sorry that your son is having such a challenging time - is he a member of the LSN - it is free for children. We do have one mother who trained as an MLD therapists to support her daughter - her daughter is now an adult and she has continued to work as an MLD practitioner as her job! Training does take time and commitment and can be expensive - There is a charity that supports training for health care professionals in lymphoedema management and as you are a nurse you may be able to access this if you speak to them and explain the exceptional circumstances there is a link below.



Many thanks for your help and advice. My son is a member, we joined 5 months ago when the lymphoedema spread and you were very supportive at the time. i will certainly check out the link you have sent.


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