Is deep leg massage contraindicated with lymphedema?

I am a 55 yr old or with history of moderate leg lymphedema. The other day I looking at cellulite above my knee and used a deep pressure massager on it and it brought mild lymphedema. Even after no lymphedema for 4 years. I asked an expert and they said deep massage is contraindicated. Have others found this also?

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  • Simple answer Yes, deep massage is not good for anyone with lymphoedema. Any chance you could find an MLD practitioner who would teach you self lymphatic massage?

  • I feel embarrassed that I went all these years and researched so much and never knew this. Maybe I misunderstood. I had maybe 10 p t and I r visits but mostly garament fitting. They did the lymph massage once after I was only mild and then discharged. Maybe I rushed out. Thanx. But I miss my deep massage. Can I do non- involved limbs or upper back?

  • P t and o t...

  • Absolutely. The lymphatic system is right under the skin. Gentle massaging to drain the fluid is called for. I would not do that again. Look at what the out come was. Good luck.

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