nose surgery and right leg lymphedema

Hello everyone

I am Elham and I am 28. I have had primary Lymphedema since 2011. Now I want to do nose surgery and during surgery I am Unconscious. Do you know about this? Is surgery with Anesthesia harmful

to my feet? Or my lymphatic system? Do you have same experience?

Please help me and share your experience.

Thank you

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  • Is the procedure being done by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic surgeon? The are different forms of anaesthesia, which you should discuss with the surgical team who will be treating you.

  • thank you for reply Lynora. my doctor is plastic surgeon and i will be general anaesthesia.

  • Do you wear compression? You will probably be offered anti-thrombus socks to wear during the procedure - but they may not be appropriate- talk to the surgeon, as he may not be aware of your Lymphoedema.

    Is the surgery corrective or elective?

  • every day i wear compression. but my doctor that is plastic surgeon says i cant wear compression in surgery time.

    it is elective surgery

  • Yes you can - or you can insist, as the anti-thrombus socks that they give to people will be too painful for you to wear. Talk to the anaesthetist - he will understand. Where are you having the procedure done? UK or abroad? Private hospital? How long will you be required to stay after surgery?

  • My surgery is at the clinic in Tehran.

    and I am 2 Hours Unconscious and three hours after the anesthesia to go home.

    What do you mean these anti-thrombus socks ? sometimes in special parties wear Sigvaris socks. they are same?

    thank you Lynora

  • In the U.K. patients undergoing surgical procedures are given very tight 'socks' which are put on the legs to prevent deep vein thrombosis.

    Perhaps the surgeon believes that day surgery will make no difference to the Lymphoedema. You need to talk to the anaesthetist and tell him about your Lymphoedema.

  • Ok, thank you very much Lynora.

  • I had a general aesthetic in April, it was fine. I also worn my compression garments during the operation too.

  • thank you.

    do you know about nose surgery with lymphedema? it is ok too?

  • I didn't have nose surgery, but my surgery was above where my Lymphoedema is (left leg) so it wasn't effected. I did check with my Lymphoedema nurse prior to it and she said it shouldn't effect it, but to wear compression if possible

  • Ok Kelmisty. thank you very much

  • I've had much more seriously surgeries with no ill effects to my leg lymphedema. Of course, always check with your doctors.

  • Ok thank you

  • I had a hip replacement 18 months ago I have LE from my abdominal to my toes. I wore compression stockingso during get the oppelation. I am 70.!!

  • Tanks patsy1702

  • There are different types of anesthesia and you can discuss your health issues with your surgeon. One of my friends had kidney problem and she discussed it with her surgeon Dr. Oakley Smith in Toronto ( ) before undergoing the nose job. She said the surgeon gave mild anesthesia which won't affect her kidney.

    Just make sure with your surgeon regarding the compression. Don't take a risk.

  • Hi every one ,I am vascular surgeon .

    The risk of thromboembolism during your surgery should be assisted by vascular consultant for optimum prophylaxis .I recommend good hydration ,leg compression pumb ,leg elevation, if anticogulation contraindicated in this bloody procedure

  • thank you very much Dr. Ahmedsawaby . but i will do surgery in clinic and clinic does not have vascular consultant. but i can bandage leg and too my Dr elevate my leg.

    do mean it is dangerous my surgery without doing this?

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