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What is the current advise about weight loss/exercise and lymphedema?

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Has anyone had complete resolution of their lymphedema (lower extremity) after lymphedema management? And if so, after how long (I am at stage 1)?

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HI there, I am a bit new to this and have arm lymphodema so not able to fully answer your question but what i do know is that exercise is good cos is pumps the lymphatic system which has no pump of its own and in theory the pumping action moves the swelling back to the centre of the body where it can be better dispersed ( in my case through the thorasic duct, not sure where the leg lymph goes) - but exercise has to be built up slowly and never be a strain..also i heard that fat cells lean on the lymph system and help to block it ...not sure about that but thats what my very long course run by the local lympodema nurses tells me - hope this helps a bit, cheers N

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Thanks, I am pretty new at this as well. I am just hoping to be able to wear some form of sandal without feeling awkward.

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Hi honey, good luck with sandal wearing. Agree with nicolams above , I have left arm lympoedema and find both yoga and swimming very effective. In water, the water pressure does the job of compression garments, or you can wear an older set in the water for added impact. I also do zumba and wear my sleeve and glove for that. It has helped to strengthen my left arm and bring it into better balance with right arm.

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Thanks, I will definitely try the swimming and Zumba!

Hi...I am a newbie here and have Lymphoedema in both legs...In July I got a bad infection in both legs which resulted in ulcers...After they were nearly healed I got compression stockings.....I have started walking every day since November...which was a real struggle to begin with...but now I walk probably on average 4500 steps quite happily ...and have watched my diet ..like eating less ..cut out cakes cookies candy oh yeah my fav CHOCOLATE ...and have lost 10 kg to this point...and the ulcers healed completely

.My legs were measured in October and when I had my review at the Lymphoedema Clinic in January both leg measurements were smaller by 2 or 3 centimetres all the way down.Now the skin of both legs have improved outta sight ..more pliable and the fibrosis has really lessened...and there is lovely new skin. I am amazed at the improvement and it has come about by walking every day and losing that little bit of weight ..and moisturising them every day...I am kinda looking forward to my next review in April because my Lymphoedema therapist is going to be really please I think...

I really do feel much better because besides the improvement of my legs I have lost my wheeziness and also I don't get shortness of breath anymore...

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What moisturizer do you suggest?

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hi fatleg

i'm so sorry, but they're all right!

the recommendation for weight is that you try & stay near the bottom of the 'normal' range of bmi (roughly 18 to 25, put 'bmi calculator' in a search & you can get yours worked out v easily)

as i said when i got told that, it's a long time since i last saw the top end of the 'normal' range but i'm chipping away at it slowly

& exercise helps both with calorie burning (altho effective weight loss is much more about not consuming those calories in the first place) & with the lymph pumping

so yes, swimming's great

i'm an arm person too, but great to hear what ronin's managed - it is possible, & this group's v good for support along the way

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Great advise, I will check what my bmi is today and then set my goal!

At the moment I use DP HC 1% Lotion which was prescribed by my doctor.....I live in New Zealand so it is hard to recommend anything because what one can get in one country may not be available in another...but I will explain what else I have used...Last July when I had the District Nurse coming when I had infections and ulcers I was recommended to use Water Creme which is made in New Zealand....it was very good up until end of January when my skin reacted to it...a rash appeared and it was very itchy burny...I stopped using it few a few days then started again but the reaction happened again ...so I started using Dove soap only which is an alternative to soap ...that cleared the rashy reaction...and the itchiness stopped ..So I have been using the DP HC 1% Lotion from the doctor ever since with no problems and I even now have beautiful new skin in places...and the skin is is my pliable and soft ..

I wash my legs with Dove Soap too ...and so far I am very happy with the results.

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I am happy that everything is working out for you. I will check to see if the product is available here in the States.

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Just googled DP HC 1% and this is the result peeps.

DP Lotion-HC 1%: Hydrocortisone 1% w/w, lanolin 0.6% w/v and mineral oil 15.9% w/v in a uniform white, glossy, moderately viscous lotion.

DP Lotion HC-1% comes in 100 mL and 250 mL plastic bottles.

Other Ingredients

Cetyl alcohol 95%, Paraffin oil light, Polysorbate 60, Sorbitan monostearate, Liquid lanolin, Propyl paraben, Glycerine, Methyl paraben, Triethanolamine 99% and Water.

I would add that this cream can leave the skin fragile if over-used. Also if you are allergic to Lanolin you might have problems with it as well.

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