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Video of best way to apply MLD for leg and right side abdomen due to lymphedema



Confused as I have been given 2 different methods to apply MLD. One by my lymphedema nurse who told me to put the plastic ball under my arm pit... move my right arm 10 times, then with hand move hand from groin up to arm pit. Then put ball right side of groin move right leg to put pressure where ball is 10 times. Then upwards movement with hands from mid thigh to top of thigh. Repeat process from knee to midthigh. Then place ball behind your knee, bend knee 10 times to put pressure behind back of knee. Then move hand in upward movement from mid calf to knee. Then repeat from above foot to mid calf. Then use knuckle to move lymph from foot to above foot. Remembering to do 10 deep breaths before and after the MLD.

The second method is on LSN website.. which advise you to wear your compression garments. Breath deeply 10 times, stroke neck 10 times each side, pump 10 times each shoulder blade. Then in scooping movement move hand 10 times on each side including the groin. No leg massage? Then your deep breaths. Sorry very confused. Rang my lymphedema nurse but no one got back to me. I don't want to damage anything by doing this incorrectly. I'm getting a lot of pain around my knee and swelling. But not sure what I can do to alleviate it. Can anyone advise please? I'm going to see lymphedema nurse on Tuesday to hopefully get my referral to see a Lymphodema Consultant at St Georges. I'm also going to write to my MP and MEP but only about a third way through my letter. Need it to be worded correctly and provide evidence. Very frustrating. Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated. Ellie

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Hi Eleanor - both methods can be effective. The routine with the ball is quite time consuming - the LSN video is more simplistic.

Have you ever had MLD? A therapist could help you devise a self-help technique.

Hi Lynora

Thanks, I have been to a therapist in Guildford who uses a machine... really works but £65 each visit. Wondered which is most effective. Should you lie down with head flat.. etc.. I am seeing lymphedema nurse on Tuesday to hopefully get my referral and more help, support and advice. Fingers crossed I will get this on Tuesday. X

What sort of machine?

I don't know it tickles your skin like electronic pulses.. I need to find out. Thanks..

Sounds like Hivamat Deep Oscillation Therapy.

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Ellie, it’s a Hivamat (deep oscillation technology) developed in Germany - it’s used routinely in LE treatment in Germany and by many UK MLD therapists trained in Foeldi and Vodder MLD x

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Thanks Cat... much appreciated. I think I will try and arrange a session with Rosemary this week. Thanks for OLD you tube videos.. Very informative xx

Glad ypu found the MLD/SLD instructional videos useful. Ii’m posting the link here for other readers looking for self-drainage instruction for trunk, legs and arms x

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