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15 years and counting!!



15 years ago I was competing in my sports day at school. at the time I was county 100 metre champion and county long jump champion. For a silly reason I thought triple jump was a good idea. Halfway through the competition I sprained my left ankle. After a few weeks the swelling didn't reduce in size. My dad was worried and dads being dads researched what it could be. Several months had passed and dad found it could be lymphoedema. I had a appointment with dr keeley at derby and treAtment began. It soon spread to the top of my leg. Me being a young 13 year old wanted to achieve my dreams and wouldn't let anything stop me. I was a talented footballer and and kept pushing myself and my body to fill my dreams.

A few years passed and I finally got my break. The lymphoedema wasn't causing me much concern and the bandages/stockings were controlling the swelling. I was scouted by Nottingham forest and got offered a trail and at 17 I knew this was my time. The weeks trial was extended to two weeks then a pro contract was offered. My dreams had come true and lymphoedema hadn't stopped me. Me being me and sport mad decided I wouldn't listen to my coaches and not to play unless it was for them. Thinking a kick about in my mates garden would be ok I dislocated my knee. The lymphoedema came into my right leg and forest had to let me go. I thought that was it. I had my chance but lost it by being silly.falling out of love with the game I turned to my second love cricket and at 19 signed to play for it otago in New Zealand. Two years of getting paid to play cricket in a different country. It was perfect. I had six great months over there before my legs were getting the better of me so I took no risks and came home. On my return I signed semi-pro at football and played for 5 years at that level.

Since I turned 24 I have had lots of infections that have needed up with a stay in hospital. Normally IV antibiotic for a four or five days. On two occasions I have been on intensive care and its be life threatening but me being me I won't let it win.

I felt lucky that I haven't let my condition beat me and both legs being swollen and everyday wearing bandages is a small price to pay for my fantastic life.

Last year I was very depressed and this has been the hardest thing to beat, I'm getting there and have the most amazing fiancé who picks me up every time I get down. She agreed to marry me and we are getting married in July. Everyday I smile because even tho my condition has affected my paths in life, if it wasn't for it I wouldn't be me and wouldn't be where I am. As far as I'm concerned its part of me and you deal with every problem that comes along.

Sorry I have gone on but I proud of me and hope I can help others.

Thanks for reading


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Wow, Andy - what a guy!

Fantastic reading. It's lovely to hear such positive vibes, overcoming the downfalls.

Congratulations to you and your fiancée. Wishing you tons more happiness together.


Hi Andiwil,

What a wonderful outlook on life you have, Hoping you stay the way you are, as it will only hep you in years to come. Your Future wife sounds just what the Doctor ordered as we say, a good spoonful of love is all you need in life at times, its a definate tonic to beat the down days.

I am sure you will deal with whats ever ahead and face it face on, such a nice firat story of a new Member.

Good Luck for the Wedding, wishing you's both many happy years together, I am at 34 years and wouldn't swap my Hubby for all the money in China. It so helps if your partner is a big support in your Network of love and care.

Keep us posted on your big day, remembering we are all available to chat to also on those down days, not that i think you will allow many of them to grip you hehe.

Lots of love



You are a great man. Very best wishes to you and your bride-to-be.


Inspiring. Good luck!

Wow thank you guys. There is a lot more detail to it but I didn't wanna moan. I, just me and haven't spoke to any other sufferers really but it's time I did. Lymphoedema only picks on strong people who can deal with it so see it as a positive. Would love to help anyone.



tiffany9 in reply to Andywil

Your story is a real inspiration and congratulations on having found someone so special, you are obviously very special too.

what a great way of living with lymphoedema, andy - fantastic to hear your story, thanks for sharing nicely!

i'm sure there have been more down days along the way than you've let on, but i do really admire your determination not to let it hold you back

congratulations on being engaged - she's going to struggle to keep up with you, by the sound of things!


What a lovely cheerful and inspiring post! Congratulations and wishing you both every happiness.

Congratulations, i think others need to read we all have very low times but life can turn around as you have, Well done for sharing your experiances it will help others and congratulations to you both x

Andy well done you are doing well keep it going :) enjoy life to the full I am so pleased you can look back with such a sence of achievement :) Upwards and Onwards xgins

Andy your story is an inspiration to me as with others. Wishing you every happiness with your wife-to-be and may all your troubles be little ones!!

Lymphoedema only picks on strong people who can deal with it so see it as a positive-inspirational! Mine was contracted after a lumpectomy for breast cancer, I feel it's a small price to pay for my survival and Reminds me to value every day.

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